Wow, this shit’s moving faster than I thought it would. As you can plainly see, some changes are being implemented, and they’re the most radical ones so far. But all I can say is you ain’t seen nothing yet, as I welcome aboard my new SEGAFans (yes, S-E-G-A-F-a-n-s) companion, ryan. We’ve (er, I, really) still got plenty of work to be done, but I wanted to treat you guys to a nice sneak-peek. Tell us what you think on the forums. ;)

Mini Ryan Interview : Getting to know you

RyanChakan: Who are you? Please do not respond with “I’m Batman.”
Ryan: I am Ryan Newman, santa from The Sega Depot, and Ryan from

Chakan: Why are you here?
Ryan: J00 ph34r m3. Actually, it’s the perfect home for my latest Sega project. I am attempting a huge database of Saturn games with screenshots, box covers, reviews, scans of magazine reviews, ads, everything I can find.

Chakan: What’s your favorite Sega system?
Ryan: Saturn, without a doubt. Dreamcast close second. Sega CD distant 5th.

Chakan: What’s your favorite in-house developed Sega game?
Ryan: Tough call, I love all AM2 divisions. Out of a struggle between Virtua Fighter 2 and Dragon Force, I have to go with Dragon Force.

Chakan: What’s your favorite third-party Sega system exclusive title?
Ryan: They had some? Well, I’d say it’s a tie between Gun Griffon 1/2 and Guardian Heroes.

Now that we all know a little bit about more about Ryan, I can now get back to something else. Be sure to send him lots of hate mail if you don’t like the new ideas, cuz he’s part of the catalyst of this retro-volution! :)