Yakuza Kiwami Valentine's Day promotion header

Sega and Sony resorted to quirky tactics for this Yakuza Kiwami Valentine’s Day promotion.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by women gifting chocolates to the men in their lives. For the men they are not romantic partners with, they have “Giri-choco,” or obligation chocolates. For their lovers, they have “Honmei-choco,” or true feeling chocolates.

Here, actors were dressed as slick looking Yakuza members and lead unsuspecting strangers to a woman who gifted them chocolates. The event occurred at Shinjuku Station Square on February 11th, 2016 in Japan.

Two videos were published from the promotional event, which happened near a large Yakuza Kiwami banner. The first here is the polished ad that appeared on television.


While the second is from Japan’s Playstation channel and features a number of the additional random strangers who were gifted chocolate during the promotion. The little crying boy being lead away with his chocolates is pretty adorable, no? Like a confused or frightened youngster’s first visit with a department store Santa Claus here in the West.

In this video, we see that women who desired to partake in the promotion were not turned away.

『龍が如く 極』「コワモテの花道」バレンタインイベントレポート

Yakuza Kiwami (龍が如く:極 , Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami) was released in Japan on January 21st, 2016 for the PS3 and PS4. It has sold fairly well so far. No announcements have been made yet concerning a Western localization, but Sega is on a roll on that front. Let’s keep prodding them to help make it happen!

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The game’s official website is here. You can order a Japanese copy from Play-Asia or search for the game on eBay.