Not a lot of content has been posted lately and Yakuza 5 is partially to blame.

Although the game can’t be fully credited to our absence, I have personally been investing a large amount of the little free time I’ve had lately in playing it.

At this point, I’m towards the end of Chapter 2, which focuses on Saejima. So far, the game is great. It’s actually been progressively better the further in I get.

My original plan was to plow through the main story and return to the side content after doing so. The problem is, the side content has begun to become a bit less mundane and more like a pleasant escape from normal life.

So aside from Yakuza 5 dominating my PS3, I have been working overtime and all of the normal holiday routines are taking care of what’s left of my time and energy.

When some of these things subside, I will return to a more regular posting schedule again. Along with that should be a solid, fully fleshed out Yakuza 5 article.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday and, if you had the chance to get it, I hope you are enjoying Yakuza 5 as much as I am!