welcome to sega scream

Sega Scream: New name, same great taste!

What is Sega Scream?

SegaScream.com is the new name for the decades old website SegaFans.com. We’ve been around in some form or another since 1998 on the internet. That’s before the a good portion of the Sega fan community ever had access to the internet.

Unfortunately, in more recent years, it’s been hard for us to stand out against other users on social media and search engines. Many individuals started various “SegaFans” or “Sega Fans” accounts for whatever reason and it makes finding us quite difficult. We’ve decided to change the name in order to help fix this issue.

Why “Sega Scream?”

The Sega Scream advertising campaign was utilized in North America during some of Sega’s brightest days, from 1992 ads for Genesis games until the Sega Dreamcast. It brings to mind glory days for many Sega fanatics who discovered a lot of great games during that time.

On top of that, the phrase is utilized a great deal less on the internet than the above mentioned variations of “SegaFans.”

What about all of the various social media accounts I followed for SegaFans?

Well, we have some new ones we’ve started up! Please follow us on the following accounts.





We’re still shy of the required subscribers on Youtube in order to secure our desired URL. A subscription on there would be much appreciated!

Should we expect any drastic site changes soon?

As a reader, not really. At least not in the immediate future. We anticipate the site will gradually see an increase in traffic through time, which should lead to the site being able to grow in contributors, commenters, and the like.

Beyond that, my personal holiday work schedule is starting to come down and updates should be much more frequent again.

So here’s to a brighter future as we ring in another year of Sega lovin’!