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The Virtua Fighter trademark was renewed by Sega in early July. Could a new VF game be coming soon?

Hit the jump to get a quick refresher on VF history in the past decade and my thoughts on the future of the series!

When Did the Last Virtua Fighter Game Come Out Anyway?!?

It’s been just over a decade now since the original version of the last mainline Virtua Fighter game saw it’s release. Virtua Fighter 5 was released on July 12th, 2006 worldwide. Since then, Sega has released numerous upgrades to the base game and ports to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

virtua fighter 5 final showdown screenshot
Akira landing a strong blow in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

In the years following the last major update in the form of Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown in February of 2010, there’s been no new VF games announced. Sure, the Virtua Fighter characters have made cameos in games developed by other companies, but it’s hardly the same. Who really wants to play as a character from a real fighting game like VF in a mindless button masher like Smash Bros. anyway?

Well, someone else probably, but it does little to satiate my desire for a new VF.

What Does the Renewal of the Virtua Fighter Trademark Mean?

Akira & Kage-Maru in Bandai's Project X Zone 2
Akira & Kage-Maru in Bandai’s Project X Zone 2

So now we come to this Summer’s filing to renew the trademark. Obviously, renewing a trademark doesn’t necessarily mean a new game is on the way. Companies do it all of the time to retain ownership of their Intellectual Property and defend it from anyone else who might use it in an unauthorized fashion.

One feasible possibility is that Sega might be planning on a re-release of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on current platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Could Sega actually have a new Virtua Fighter in the works? Crazier things have happened. SNK are releasing a new King of Fighters game in just a few weeks. The series has been neglected about as long as VF, and SNK is likely on as tight of a budget as Sega at this point.

Could some actual variety in new fighting games be making a comeback? It’s been long overdue, in my opinion.

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