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In this third episode of my Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Let’s Play series, we find the Gallian gang working to stop Imperial forces from slaughtering all of the villagers. You must defend the town gate long enough for Welkin to arrive with the tank he’s suddenly found himself in possession of.

I walk you through what’s necessary to achieve A Rank in the Chapter 2 battlefield, showing you where all of the enemy leaders and ace are, allowing you to maximize your EXP earned and get the bonus weapon.

Starting with this episode, I will be not be showing the vast majority of cutscenes. The focus will be squarely on the gameplay and giving tips to newcomers so they can perform better.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is the PS4 remake of the now classic PS3 strategy game from Sega. It’s North American English edition released on May 17th, 2016. You can still order it from Amazon to secure the special meta Quad 7 Armored case. All first run copies will have it until they are sold through!

Video is recorded at 720p resolution and 30fps, which are the limits that the PS4 can natively record at. The game normally outputs at 1080p and looks wonderful.