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In this second episode of my Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Let’s Play series, I walk through all of Chapter 1. All of the cutscenes are presented as well as the fight. During the battlefield, I demonstrate what is needed to attain A Rank on the mission evaluation.

Battlefield A Rank Portion starts at 19:22

I apologize for the audio levels. This is my first time recording gameplay like this natively on the PS4. I will be adjusting and testing it for the next episode!

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is the PS4 remake of the now classic PS3 strategy game from Sega. It’s North American English edition releases on May 17th, 2016. You can still pre-order it from Amazon below to secure the special meta Quad 7 Armored case! Prime members will snag it for $23.99 as long as they pre-order it.

Video is recorded at 720p resolution and 30fps, which are the limits that the PS4 can natively record at. The game normally outputs at 1080p and looks wonderful.