Valis III (ヴァリスIII) is the third game in the series but the first to appear on a Sega console, the Genesis.

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Alternate Titles ヴァリスIII
Genre Action
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Telenet
Renovation (NA)
Publisher(s) Telenet (JP)
Renovation (NA)
Release Dates March 22nd, 1991 (JP)
June 1991 (NA)
Release Prices ¥ 8,400 (JP)
$69.99 (NA)
Product IDs T-49023 (JP)
T-49086 (NA)
Barcodes T 4988624990326 (JP)
720238100807 (NA)
Rating N/A

Valis III Overview

Valis III (ヴァリスIII) was originally developed and released for the PC Engine CD by Telenet in Japan. The company ported it to the Sega Mega Drive in 1991 and their North American branch Renovation localized it for release there.

It was the first Valis series title to make it to a Sega platform and the previous games soon followed. The third time is definitely the charm here, though, and this is the one newcomers to the series should try out first.

The game lost a bit of content in the port, sadly. The voiced animated cutscenes and several stages were removed. The Mega Drive version does feature a new stage, though, along with an added stage select trick.



Valis 3 - Sega Genesis



Other Media

A print ad was ran in magazines for the North American version.

valis III NA print ad


Valis III (ヴァリス III) was the succinctly titled soundtrack album published by Toshiba EMI (Catalog # TONS-1001) on April 12th, 1991 in Japan for ¥2,800. It features 17 tracks of music from the game.

Valis III PC Engine Soundtracks (ヴァリスIII PC Engineサウンドトラックス) was a digital soundtrack released by EGG MUSIC on January 29th, 2007 for ¥1,260 in Japan. It has 12 tracks of music from the PC Engine version of the game specifically. You can currently buy it here.

On June 24th, 2004; EGG released the Valis Complete (ヴァリスコンプリート) package which included this 3.5″ Yoko figure along with emulated versions of the PC Engine version of the game and others in the series. If you are after the Yoko figure, make sure you seek out the version published in 2004 (barcode # 4988609011572). Later editions of the package, dubbed the “PLUS” editions, did not include the figure.

Cheats & Secrets

Stage Select
Hold A, B, and C; then press Start at the title screen. You have to release all of the buttons except Start as soon as the screen fades to black.

Visual Select
Hold Up/Left, A and C while pressing Start at the title screen. This menu allows you to watch the game’s cutscenes.

Music Test (Japanese version only)
Hold A, B, and C then press Start at the title screen. Up and Down select the track to play and the A button plays them.

Sound Effect Test (Japanese version only)
Hold Down/Right and B, then press Start at the title screen. Up and Down select the track to play and the A button plays them.

Game Genie Codes

AYNT-AAFA Start game at Act 2
BYNT-AAFA Start game at Act 3
SAFA-AADT Game clock runs slower
EAFA-AADT Game clock runs faster
CJFA-AA58 Freeze clock (no time limit)
A2ET-AA8G Infinite lives
BCMA-AA2R HP (life) gauge never loses energy
AK2A-AA52 MP (magic) gauge never loses energy


Masayasu Yamamoto (M. Yamamoto)
Yoshiki Yamauchi (Yoshiki UAI Yamauchi)

Graphic Designer
Eiji Kikuchi (Kiku)
David Iwata
Yoshihisa Shimizu
Seiichirō Nagatomo
Takashi Kinoshita (Sophy Kinoshita)

Scenario Writer
Ohta [Hachiohji]

Takaharu Umezu
Michiko Naruke (成毛 美知子)
Minoru Yuasa (湯浅稔)

Music Director
Shinobu Ogawa (小川史生)
Special Thanks to Business Suport Co. Ltd.

Art Work Director
Tomoko Miura (T. Neko Miura)

Art Work Staff
Takawo Yoshioka
Masahisa Ohno
Yūma Miura
Mitsuho Abe

Special Thanks to
Kazuyuki Fukushima
Yūji Fukushima
Jirō Fukushima
Yoshinobu Abe
Takami Kinoshita
Tetsuji Matsuzawa
Mie Nakahara

Original Game Licenced by
Shin-nihon Laser Soft Co. Ltd.

Total Producer
Takashi Fukushima

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