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A redditor named overm has posted his discovery concerning the Splatterhouse 3 passwords. We’ve found even more!

It seems that most of the passwords in the Sega Genesis game feature a reversed name or subject. Let’s run down the list of names, shall we? I have elaborated a bit on the poster’s explanations to help people not familiar with some of the subjects.

Spoilers for the game’s story are definitely contained below, so if you are sensitive to such things, you should probably retreat now!

Also, many of these are references to demons, Hell, and other dark topics from mythology. Just a heads up if that sort of thing bothers you… although, you probably shouldn’t be looking at Splatterhouse content if it does!

Moving right along!

moving right along

Sardna when reversed displays the name Andras, which is likely a reference to Marquis Andras, a Great Marquis of Hell, having under his command thirty legions of demons.

marquis andras

Seraga Agares turns into Agares, or Duke Agares, who rules the eastern zone of Hell, and being served by 31 legions of demons.

duke agares

Rogiba flips over to Abigor, which is another name for Duke Eligos, who is a Great Duke of Hell, ruling 60 legions of demons.


Reyalf is “flayer” spelled backwards. Flayers are humanoid monsters in fantasy works that have psionic powers. In most works I’ve encountered, they have squid-like features and are a major pain in the ass in video game settings.

soulflayer final fantasy xi

The password for the stage where you save Rick’s girlfriend Jen and David turns into Nourah, which is a rarely used Arabic name meaning “light.”

Another flip turns into Qloces, which is Chinese for “to slightly test.” This password results in Jen turning into a mindless beast.

Another password becomes Apeman, which is possibly a reference to the 1943 horror film The Ape Man. It’s about a scientist who experiments on himself and turns himself into the titular monster.

One password flips over to Devlin, which as far as I can tell might reference the 1981 movie The Devil and Max Devlin. The movie follows Devlin as he tries to earn his way out of eternal torture in Hell by convincing three other people to sell their souls.

It’s possible the password VBAROS is an anagram for Bravos. It’s another password where Jen lives on.

“Slayer” is the result of another conversion and I’m keen on assuming it’s a reference to the Thrash metal band whose lyrics have evoked many dark places such as Hell.

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

And finally, URUURU becomes… URUURU, which is Japanese for “sob sob.” This password takes you to Stage 6 with the undesirable outcome of both David and Jen being dead. Nice going, Rick!

It’s likely there’s even more to be found. If you figure out any additional passwords out, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or comment down below!