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Ultraman for the Mega Drive is another in the long line of mediocre Ultraman games.

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Alternate Titles ウルトラマン
Genre Fighting
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Bandai
Publisher(s) Ma-Ba (JP)
Samsung (KR)
Release Dates April 9th, 1993 (JP)
? (KR)
Release Prices ¥ 5,800 (JP)
? (KR)
Product IDs T-16023 (JP)
GM4096JT (KR)
Barcodes 4976496840023 (JP)
? (KR)
Rating N/A


Ultraman for the Mega Drive is pretty miserable. This port of the 1990 Super Famicom fighter was completed and shelved for two years due to a dispute between Bandai and Sega.

This game might as well have stayed there rotting. It’s subpar on just about every level, from the poor controls to the graphics and audio.

Of course, the Super Famicom version wasn’t really any better, either.

You’d have to be a hardcore Ultraman fan or a Mega Drive collector to be happy picking this one up.



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