In the tradition of the closed Sega World Weekly newsletter, then-site runner benstylus launched another Sega newsletter named SegaFans Weekly. Here are all of the issues we have.

Issue #1 – Feb 12 2006 – Shadow the Hedgehog discussed at length, Sega announces Billy Hatcher for the PC, and the game of the week is Gale Racer for the Saturn.

Issue #2 – Feb 19 2006 – Big article about The Rub Rabbits, Famitsu scores for Sonic Riders and Initial D Street Stage, top ten “power females” in Sega games, and Evil Twin is the game of the week.

Issue #3 – Feb 26 2006 – A great piece on Sonic Riders, Ryu ga Gotoku confirmed for US and Europe, a review of the Sega Piano Nocturne music CD, and not one, but TWO games of the week – Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Quest and Roar of the Beast.

Issue #4 – Mar 5 2006 – A discussion of the new Dreamcast game Radirgy, strategies for Test Drive LeMans, some Sega Trivia, and a massive Game of the Week article on Golden Axe III.

Issue #5 – Mar 12 2006 – Spartan: Total Warrior is the big story for this week, and Space Jam is the Game of the Week. Also, the answers to last week’s Sega Trivia!

Issue #6 – Mar 19 2006 – This week’s top story is Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll. Also included is a massive srategy section for Twinkle Star Sprites – and it’s only part 1 of 3! Finally we finish things off with Batman Forever for our Game of the Week.

Issue #7 – Mar 26 2006 – If you wanted to read about The Tower SP, this week’s issue is the place to do it. Also have part 2 of the Twinkle Star Sprites strategy section, and our game of the week is none other than Sega Smash Pack for the Dreamcast.

Issue #8 – Apr 02 2006 – This week, we take Under Defeat for a spin, conclude the Twinkle Star Sprites Strategy section, and finish things off with a Game of the Week double-header: Dec-A-Thlete and Winter Heat!

Issue #9 – Apr 09 2006 – We take a look at the sequel to the worst horror film ever made, get news about the Phantasy Star Universe beta test, listen to some Puyo Puyo Music and then fly airplanes around the world! What a rush!

Issue #10 – Apr 16 2006 – This week, we mourn the passing of benstylus’ Sega Genesis. We take a look back at some of the Genesis greats, catch a video capture of the Activator training video (thanks to Filious for sending me the tape), and watch an old woman beat the crap out of a young ruffian in this week’s Game of the Week – Goiken Muyo: Anarchy in the Nippon.

Issue #11 – Apr 23 2006 – In this issue, you’ll discover a plethora of information on how to play import games on all your Sega systems. We also start a multi-part feature on the Sega Ages 2500 games for the PS2, and the chosen game of the week is Pop’n Music 2 (Tsu!).

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