All of these Sega Master System manuals for games and hardware are in PDF format. If you don’t have a reader installed, then get one from FoxIt or Adobe.


The Sega Light Phaser – Instructions – NA
The Sega Sports Pad – Instructions – NA
The Sega System Instruction Manual – NA



Alex Kidd – High-Tech World – NA
Alex Kidd – The Lost Stars – NA
Alex Kidd in Miracle World – NA
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World – NA

Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – NA

Fantasy Zone – NA

Golden Axe Warrior – NA
Golvellius – JP
Golvellius – Valley Of Doom – NA

King’s Quest – Quest For The Crown – NA

Miracle Warriors – Seal Of The Dark Lord – NA
Miracle Warriors – Seal Of The Dark Lord – Map – NA

OutRun – JP
OutRun – NA

Phantasy Star – JP
Phantasy Star – NA
Power Strike – NA

Shinobi – JP
Shinobi – NA
Sonic the Hedgehog – NA
Space Harrier – NA

Wonder Boy III – The Dragon’s Trap – NA
Wonder Boy in Monster Land – NA

Ys – The Vanished Omens – NA

Zillion – NA
Zillion II – The Formation – NA


I believe all of these scans came from the now extinct Underground Gamer site.

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