Here’s our list of what we consider the best Sega Saturn games. Just about every genre is represented.

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The Best Sega Saturn Games

Daytona USA – Port of the arcade racing game. This is considered to be the racing game on the Saturn by some, and the other racing game by others.

Dragon Force – A very nice Strategy/RPG published in the US by Working Designs. Features a cool plot and interesting characters. You control an ever-growing army of soldiers, monks, and some odditties as you battle against your opponents. Ultimately, the goal is to unite the holier forces of your continent and overcome a great evil. The battles in this are a treat to watch. Two huge armies rush towards each other, and only one General comes away standing!


Grandia – A much-lusted for Japanese RPG that never made it to US shores, Grandia is loved by many. A Playstation port in English exists, but is considered to be inferior.

Guardian Heroes – A beat’em up that features an experience level system, user-defined character growth, and multiple paths to take. If that wasn’t enough, you can play in a Versus fighting mode with the dozens of characters you’ve ran across in the game. Oh, did I mention that this was a superbly fun Treasure game? That too…


NiGHTS Into Dreams… – A charming platformer that focused on you collecting orbs and racing against the clock. You spend the majority of the time flying in this beautiful Sonic Team game.


Panzer Dragoon series – Each of these three titles – PD, PD Zwei, and PD Saga – are classics. PD and PD Zwei are “rail-shooters,” while PDS is a unique RPG experience in the PD world. PDS is loved by almost everyone who plays it and usually fetches a somewhat high price.

Princess CrownPrincess Crown – An absolutely gorgeous 2D Action/RPG that has some of the largest sprites I’ve ever seen. Pretty decent game, too. :D

Radiant Silvergun – The most-hyped Saturn game in existence, RS is a cool shooter from Treasure that features weapon levels that increase in power as you earn points, tons of weapons, and a sweet chain combo system. This Japanese game receives way too much praise and definitely isn’t worth $150… but it’s still damn good!

Sakura Taisen series – Sakura Taisen is an interesting mixture of Strategy and Dating game elements. You are the commander of a force of armored maidens in an alternate dimension’s version of Japan in the early 20th century. Their performance in battles depends on whether or not you earn their respect.

Saturn Bomberman – Hands down the best Saturn party game available, and one of the finer Bomberman releases to be released since the 16-bit era. If you have friends who play games, get a multi-tap and invite them over. This game is a blast!


Sega Rally – Port of the arcade racer. This is considered to be the racing game on the Saturn by some, and the other racing game by others.

Shining Force III (Scenario 1) – Unfortunately, the latter two Scenarios in this trilogy never made it to US shores and aren’t available in English. You can find translation guides online that help you follow the plot, though. SF III Scenario 1 by itself is an excellent continuation of the series.

Virtua Fighter 2Street Fighter Zero 3 – The third game in the Alpha series, SFZ3 comes home to the Saturn in this excellent port. Requires RAM cart.

Virtua Cop 2 – Easily the best light gun arcade game for it’s time, VC2 makes a great transition to the Saturn. You should buy a Saturn light gun for this game alone, even though the game’s completely enjoyable without it.

Virtua Fighter 2 – Best. Saturn. 3-D Fighter. No contest. VF2 features a lifetime’s worth of challenge for those who dare to attempt to ‘master’ any of it’s fighters. Excellent port of the AM2 arcade game.

Special Thanks

-Most excellent Panzer Dragoon Saga banner artwork by Atolm.