Simply the Best airbrush Dreamcast

We round up the best Sega Dreamcast games out of the more than 600 games available for the system.

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The Best Sega Dreamcast Games

chu chu rocket catChu Chu Rocket – If you like puzzle games, then you’d best be finding yo’self a copy of this game!

Dead or Alive 2 – Gorgeous 3D fighter that anyone can play easily. Try to beat my Survival Mode score of 32!

Grandia II – While GII disappoints some hardcore Grandia fans, it is still a great RPG. Features a rather unique (and fun!) battle system and skills acquisition system.

Ikaruga – If you enjoyed Radiant Silvergun on the Saturn, then you definitely need to look into this game. Old-school shooter fans will enjoy this one. Nice visuals.

Jet Grind Radio (Jet Set Radio) – This ground-breaking game features cell-shaded graphics and some very unique gameplay. You run around town spraying graffiti while dealing with cops and rival gangs. Very stylish.

Mars Matrix – This budget-priced shooter gathered itself a large following when it was released. Features a shop inside of the game where your points in the game count towards new game features and options. This one could last you a while…

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 – There’s a reason this game’s price has never dropped (if you see it for under $30, you’re lucky). 2D fighting excellence. This game is very friendly to people who are new to fighters and features a large cast of cool characters from Capcom games and Marvel comic books.

Metropolis Street Racer – Looking for a racing game? Here ya go!

MDK 2 – An action game that’s tough as nails, but with a charming side under the top layer. Very slick looking and

NBA 2K series – If you like Basketball, then you’ve probably already picked this up. Good stuff.

NFL 2K series – These were exceptional Football games. Even though I don’t like Football that much, I enjoyed playing them.

NHL 2K series – Great Ice Hockey has returned to a Sega console. Ahhh… Good stuff!

Ooga Booga – Looking for a multi-player party game? Skip on the disappointing Sonic Shuffle and get this witch doctor-flavored party game with a number of different games to play. Boar Polo is a hoot.

Phantasy Star Online – The PS series takes a new direction with this online game where you hook up with other people to take on monsters and Hunter’s Guild missions. A disappointment for some, as there is not an excellent story-driven single player quest.

Powerstone – Alright, I still haven’t played it myself, but everyone on the SegaFans Forums would hate me if I didn’t mention this game somehow. Multiplayer fighting mayhem where you can even pick up objects in the fighting arena and throw them at your opponents!

Quake 3 Arena – As far as first-person shooters go on the Dreamcast, this is the one to get! Excellent level design and fast action gameplay. You can even connect to any Quake 3 Arena server available online (even those Sega doesn’t endorse). I have fond memories of playing rocket arena all night with some guys in Mexico. :)

Record of Lodoss War – I couldn’t leave this game out… If you like Diablo, get it. It features more detailed customization of weapons and other equipment.

Rez – Do you like Panzer Dragoon? Then you might enjoy this rail-based shooter. The first levels are very basic looking, but as you advance and play better, you’re treated to some awesome visuals.

Sega Smack Pack – This is an easy choice for classic Sega fans. Includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage 2, Phantasy Star 2, Altered Beast, Columns, Shining Force, Wrestle War, Golden Axe, Vectorman, Sega Swirl, and Virtua Cop 2. Cheap and worth every penny. If only the sound emulation was better. :\

Shenmue – An excellent adventure game with the most realistic 3D environment in a game ever (well, so far, at least!). Combines many elements from adventure games of the past, with you searching for your Father’s killer in 1980’s Japan. You can even play Hang-On and Space Harrier! If there’s one game that showcases the
Dreamcast’s power, it’s this!

Shenmue II – Never released in North America, but an English sub-titled version was released in Europe and common game stores imported it to America. Ryo journeys to China in his quest to find Lan Di. This game concentrates less on exploration and more on action, with a faster pace than the first game. The conclusion and epilogue in this volume feature some of the best moments ever programmed for a game console…

Skies of Arcadia – Skies has you take command of an airship and lead a crew of characters against the evil Valuan empire in a quest to save the world. Excellence all around.

space-channel-5-ulalaSonic Adventure – After years without a real Sonic game, we were given this gem. Sonic makes the leap into 3-dimensional platforming and lands amongst the best of the genre. After you finish Sonic’s quest, you can play through the quests of many other characters – all with their own events!

Soul Calibur – This was the game to get when the system first launched. An excellent 3D fighting game by Namco with lots to offer.

Space Channel 5 – A stylish music-based game where you must repeat the alien’s commands to rescue… get ready… people who are being forced to dance by cute, little aliens. Not for everyone, but a blast for some.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 – Best Tony Hawk ever (best gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack). You play as skateboarders, trying to accomplish goals in a number of levels. As you earn more points, you can open up new levels and can buy new moves and gear!

Virtua Tennis – You won’t believe it, but Sega’s figured out how to make Tennis fun for everyone. Very fun.