the best sega 32x games

Do you want to know what games you should pick up if you have a mushroom of doom? Here are the must buy games on the Sega 32X. Truly, the best Sega 32X games.

KolibriBlackthorne – A dark action game developed by Blizzard (the Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft guys), Blackthorne also came out on the Genesis but it’s slightly better here.

Knuckles Chaotix – Since there’s no proper Sonic game on the 32X, you might as well take the next best thing! Actually not that terrible, but it features a weird gimmick where you are strapped to a bunch of the D-list Sonic supporting cast, as well as some new “winners.” Otherwise, it’s pretty much a standard Sonic game. Without Sonic.

Kolibri – A very pretty 2D shooter from the developers of Ecco where you control a… hummingbird. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? If you’ve got a 32X, you have few reasons not to get this one eventually.

TempoShadow Squadron – My favorite 3D outer space shooter on the system. It has a sequel on the Sega Saturn called Stellar Assault. Often overshadowed by…

Star Wars Arcade – … this game, which is still a great port of the arcade game, just not my favorite for the console.

Tempo – Those of you looking for a bright, fun platformer have nowhere to turn to except for — Tempo, check it out you know. He makes it funky, and he’s good to go. A decent game with a heavy music theme.