Data Discs Limited Editions SOLD OUT!

Well, we hope you got the chance to pre-order either a Shenmue or Streets of Rage limited edition LP from Data Discs – because both of the LEs were sold out on the first day! Unfortunately, it’s more likely that a good number of them are going to opportunistic individuals than genuine enthusiasts. What a bummer. It’s no surprise that Data Discs LPs have proven to be popular. The packages, especially the Street of Rage release, look great.

Data Discs to Release New Shenmue & Streets of Rage Vinyl LPs

The internet is ablaze with buzz this week as news broke out that Data Discs will be releases new Shenmue & Streets of Rage vinyl LP albums. The audio has been remastered for these new albums and they go on sale on May 30th, 2015 when the company’s website opens for business. These two albums will be the companies’ initial offerings, and the company states on their Facebook page that they have obtained the rights to “develop their back catalogue on vinyl.” That means even more releases are possibly on

Streets of Rage OCRemix Project

Seeking to fill an unjust omission in OCRemix’s catalog of albums devoted to remixes for specific games and series, they’re launching a Streets of Rage project (finally!). Forum poster Dusk spilled the beans and asked for volunteers last Wednesday in this forum post. According to Dusk, this will be a 3 album project, with each album focusing on a game in the series. The plan is to release each album about a year apart, devoting the time in between to craft the best remixes possible. This also means that fans

3D Streets of Rage Details and JP Release Date

In the first news posting today involving remakes of games being easier than their originals, Sega has released additional details on 3D Streets of Rage here (Japanese). In a new “One Hit Deathblow Mode,” players will be able to defeat enemies with a single punch. I’m confused, is this an iOS game or a 3DS game? It sounds too simplistic for an actual gaming handheld. I’m not a fan of dumbing the game down so severely. 3D Streets of Rage will also feature co-op play (huzzah), control configurations, and a