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This Day in Sega – March 26th

This Day in Sega - March 26th header

Battletoads, Doom and Resonance of Fate grace today’s video along with dozens of other games. [Continue reading…]

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Awesome Sega Cosplay You’ll Want To See

awesome sega cosplay

Here’s a gallery of awesome Sega cosplays where fans bring their favorite characters to life! [Continue reading…]

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A Special Day

Today marks two anniversaries that we care about around here.

The first is the North American launch of the Genesis. It’s been 24 years since it’s release stateside. How old does that make you feel? When did you get your Genesis? What games did you play on it at first? Let us know in the forums!

My first experience with it was at my uncle’s house, shortly after it’s release. I had seen screenshots and articles in magazines on the games, but playing them was something else. My first experience was the pack-in game Altered Beast. I can remember my reaction when I first saw the transformation scene: Holy shit! This certainly was a much stronger piece of hardware than my NES or Master System! I was hooked!

altered-beast-transformMy parents were, naturally, pestered until I finally got one the following Christmas. Those few months seemed like an eternity! I think I played Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Shinobi, and Space Harrier nonstop to occupy myself. Even back then, I leaned very heavily on the Sega side of things. My NES was mostly used for Capcom games and RPGs that I couldn’t play elsewhere.

The second anniversary is the 15th – that’s right, fifteenth, anniversary of SegaFans. We started out on August 14th, 1998 as a crappy free host page based around the Sega Saturn called Sega Saturn Online. I would publish news from Japan and random reviews on the site. Over the next two years, we changed our name to Sega CDX and, finally, SegaFans.

Our activity on the site might have waxed and waned when the person running it had to deal with real life issues. But I’m proud to have carried the Sega banner along with benstylus and JoshF, pushing the site along to this milestone. Both of them stepped up and served as head master here while I was away for a handful of years, bringing their own opinions and personalities to the site and keeping the lights on.

While we celebrate out 15th, let’s all pour one out for all of our fallen or dormant brethren. Thanks for all the memories, interweb Sega peoples. Let’s make some more during the next 5 years!

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