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Jet Set Radio Future

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Jet Set Radio Future is the sequel to the Dreamcast’s Jet Grind Radio / Jet Set Radio released for the Microsoft Xbox. [Continue reading…]

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Hundred Swords Ships for PC

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According to Activision Value, Hundred Swords for PC (check the link for screenshots) has been shipped off to US retail stores. You’ll be able to find the port of the Dreamcast strategy game for just $29.99, which is a fairly decent deal. There’s 18 missions divided into seven chapters in the single-player mode, and then there’s the multiplayer mode that allows up to four people to join together for some RTS action.

The game was originally developed by SmileBit software (Typing of the Dead, Jet Set/Grind Radio) and released on the Japanese Dreamcast. However, the US DC release was cancelled. This is the only non-PS2 route to finally being able to play this in English (unless it ends up doing very well and it gets ported), so make sure you don’t miss out if you were looking forward to it.

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