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Awesome Sega Cosplay You’ll Want To See

awesome sega cosplay

Here’s a gallery of awesome Sega cosplays where fans bring their favorite characters to life! [Continue reading…]

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Skies of Arcadia / Eternal Arcadia 10th Anniversary

October 5th marks the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite Dreamcast games, Skies of Arcadia, or at least it’s original Japanese release. When I realized this, I realized I needed to hurry up and put a page together in time. Happy birthday, SOA! Perhaps we can celebrate with a Sega-themed mixed drink? Man, it seems just like yesterday.

With all of the Skies cameos & love in Valkyria Chronicles, maybe we’ll get a proper Skies of Arcadia sequel someday or even a port on the PSP? Aaron Webber (RubyEclipse from SoA’s Community team) recently said on a Sega Addicts podcast that he’s constantly putting that bug in Sega’s ear. Keep working at them, Aaron!

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