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Segata Sanshiro

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Segata Sanshiro was a mascot for the Sega Saturn in the late 1990’s. [Continue reading…]

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Hiroshi Fujioka – Segata Sanshiro and Ryo Hazuki’s Dad

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We thought we would take the occasion of Hiroshi Fujioka’s 70th birthday to honor the actor who played Segata Sanshiro and Iwao Hazuki! [Continue reading…]

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The Return of Awesome Sega Cosplay

Return of Awesome Sega Cosplay header

We’re back with the return of awesome Sega cosplay.

Sega Saturn and Segata Sanshiro cosplay from Comiket in Tokyo 2014. Cosplayers unknown.

sega saturn and segata sanshiro cosplay from comiket in tokyo 2014

This cheeky Solis R6800 (Groove On Fight) cosplay by riccaricca.

Jessica de Alkirk (Lunar: The Silver Star) cosplay by Yashuntafun.

He’s not Sega-exclusive, but we know the best Earthworm Jim games were on Sega consoles! Cosplayer unknown from PAX East 2014.

earthworm jim cosplay pax east 2014

It looks like CimmerianWillow is indeed getting the whole family in on the action! A Phantasy Star cosplay she’s been involved with has been in every one of our galleries so far and it looks like she’s not skipping one yet. Here is an adorable cosplay by her daughter as Alis!

Speaking of her family, here is her husband cosplaying as Wein from Dragon Force! This family has great tastes in games!

wein dragon force cosplay by cimmerianwillow

Check out these Valis cosplays from Wonder Festival Summer 2002! Reiko, Rogles and Yukos; oh my! All cosplayers unidentified, sadly.

What do you get when you take 1 Hibana and add 2 Hotsumas? This Shinobi series cosplay photo below.

1 hibana 2 hotsumas cosplay

Did someone say Shinobi? We can’t leave out our old pal Joe Musashi! This guy comes from PAX East 2013.

joe musashi shinobi from pax east 2013

How about some Zeke cosplay from Zombies Ate My Neighbors by embryo? The soda cans at the ready are a nice touch!

zeke cosplay by embryo

Zombies Ate My Neighbors can be a quick and dirty couples costume as well! Here’s a duo by livengood and friend.

zombies ate my neighbors cosplay by livengood

Princess Gradriel De Valendia cosplay from Princess Crown by Shappi!

Princess Gradriel De Valendia cosplay by shappi

Sketch Turner cosplay from Comix Zone by Erinast.

sketch turner cosplay by erinast

And we finish out this gallery with Kiryu and Majima (Yakuza series) cosplay from a 2011 cosplay event.

kiryu and majima cosplay

We’ll publish another cosplay gallery once we compile another decent sized set.

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Bogus Segata Sanshiro Book Spotted

Bogus Segata Sanshiro BookI spotted the Segata Sanshiro book to the right tonight on my travels across the dark corners of the internet (eBay). So I looked into it to see what it was. Perhaps it was some memorabilia item with a bad cover?

Unfortunately, it appears to be a bogus 140 page ebook that some guy made by scraping information and sentences directly from Wikipedia articles. The credited author is “Isidoros Krastyo Morpheus” and the ISBN is 6137882950. It shows up on a number of sites for sale.

The craziest part? The asking price was over $75 USD! Are there people intoxicated enough in the world to actually purchase this at such a price? Man, I think there’s some Dragon Force and Radiant Silvergun books I need to start knocking out.

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