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Site Changes

We’re going to be experimenting with the site over the next few days. You might encounter some weird random issues but should be able to access most content in some capacity. We hope to have things back in a normal state relatively shortly.

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More Manual Madness & Other Site News

I’ve been gradually adding more Sega game and hardware manuals to the Manuals section. There’s now a Dreamcast page, a Sega 32X page, and a Master System page. You’ll find dozens of manuals for each console, with games from North America, Europe, and Japan covered.

If you’re looking for something specific, then feel free to contact us and send me a request! I have many more to add but wanted to get the most popular ones out of the way first. Mega Drive and Game Gear manuals will be coming shortly!

I’ve also been spending a little bit of time added some games to the site. No new in-depth reviews, but we’ll get there soon enough. New to the site are: Alien Syndrome (GG), Blue Stinger (DC), and GG Aleste II (GG). I’m fairly certain I’ve added more as well. I’ve been keeping busy!

In addition to the Game Gear additions above, I started retooling The Best Sega Game Gear Games page that’s super popular. It’s nowhere near finished, but you can see what the new layout is going to look like in the near future. I’ve got a number of games to add to the list as well after having played more Game Gear games again recently.

On top of all of that, there’s been a lot of miscellaneous tweaks and touches to make the site faster, get indexed by search engines better, and fix broken links or content. As always, you can find the most recent site update news in this forum thread. I’m trying not to fill the main homepage up with every new item that makes it’s way to the site.

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Sonic and Me, Site Updates

I just published a new article, Sonic the Hedgehog and Me. It details my own personal history with the franchise in honor of it’s 24th anniversary. I hope you enjoy it.


Site news on this front page has been fairly quiet. I’ve been posting the majority of updates on the forums here. I’ve been a busy beaver and just didn’t feel like spamming the main site or social media feeds with every little update.

Also, be sure to follow our forum thread for Shenmue 3 news. I only want to post the major stuff on the main page for the same reason.

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Old Site Design Re-Launch?!?

Choosing a title for this one was tricky!

As you can see, the site has a new-old look. The generic look was getting very old.

Enjoy the unique colors and don’t mind the oddball quirks I’m still working out. Most things should work fine and be easier to find now.

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Site & Forums Now Integrated

Just a quick note to notify you that you can now login to the site once for both the site and the forums. Now you can post comments to news articles with ease and your forum avatar will be included. You know the one, with the trance vibrator commercial screenshot.


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We Want Your Sega Stuff!

…Or to be more clear, we want to share your Sega collections with other Sega fans!

SegaFans used to  have a bunch of Sega collections posted on the site and we’d like to bring that section of the site back. Pictures of your games, posters, figurines, DVDs, albums, you name it, we want to see it! Video room tours are cool, too!

We’ll give you the opportunity to write about the history of your collection and some of your favorite items. You can be as elaborate or as brief as you’d like to be.

Do you have a cool Sega collection you’d like to share? Get in touch with Chakan at this email address for details on how you can do it!

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A Special Day

Today marks two anniversaries that we care about around here.

The first is the North American launch of the Genesis. It’s been 24 years since it’s release stateside. How old does that make you feel? When did you get your Genesis? What games did you play on it at first? Let us know in the forums!

My first experience with it was at my uncle’s house, shortly after it’s release. I had seen screenshots and articles in magazines on the games, but playing them was something else. My first experience was the pack-in game Altered Beast. I can remember my reaction when I first saw the transformation scene: Holy shit! This certainly was a much stronger piece of hardware than my NES or Master System! I was hooked!

altered-beast-transformMy parents were, naturally, pestered until I finally got one the following Christmas. Those few months seemed like an eternity! I think I played Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Shinobi, and Space Harrier nonstop to occupy myself. Even back then, I leaned very heavily on the Sega side of things. My NES was mostly used for Capcom games and RPGs that I couldn’t play elsewhere.

The second anniversary is the 15th – that’s right, fifteenth, anniversary of SegaFans. We started out on August 14th, 1998 as a crappy free host page based around the Sega Saturn called Sega Saturn Online. I would publish news from Japan and random reviews on the site. Over the next two years, we changed our name to Sega CDX and, finally, SegaFans.

Our activity on the site might have waxed and waned when the person running it had to deal with real life issues. But I’m proud to have carried the Sega banner along with benstylus and JoshF, pushing the site along to this milestone. Both of them stepped up and served as head master here while I was away for a handful of years, bringing their own opinions and personalities to the site and keeping the lights on.

While we celebrate out 15th, let’s all pour one out for all of our fallen or dormant brethren. Thanks for all the memories, interweb Sega peoples. Let’s make some more during the next 5 years!

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