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Final Day for Shenmue 3 Kickstarter!

We’re down to the last day for the Shenmue 3 kickstarter! Yu Suzuki has posted a final video message for fans.

Note that the kickstarter is the only guaranteed way to get a physical copy of the game. It is still undetermined whether or not physical copies will be available for PS4 or PC! Better safe than sorry, folks!

Sorry for the delay in other news. I’m enjoying some Summer downtime. Will catch up on news for this week shortly!

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Tembo the Badass Elephant to be Released on July 21st

Sega of America dropped us a line to let us know that Tembo the Badass Elephant now has a digital release date of July 21st. It will show up on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live on that date.


In addition, they are throwing a discount campaign. Steam pre-orders before the release date will get 10% off the retail price, while PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold members will be able to get a 10% discount when the game launches. There was no exact end date given for the PS4 and Xbox One discount campaign.

Tembo’s retail price is £9.99/$14.99/€12.99.

If you’d like to see our preview of the game, you can check it out here.

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PlayStation 4 Physical Copy Now Available Via Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

In case you haven’t heard already, a PlayStation 4 physical copy reward has finally been added to the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter. For $60, everyone who has been using the lack of a physical PS4 copy as an excuse not to back it can now put their money where their mouth is!

The Kickstarter got a jolt of pledges following the news. It is currently over $4,270,000 after having lingered around $3.5-3.7 million for what seemed like an eternity. Our bet is that the last few days might see the Kickstarter top out around $5 million, but we would obviously love to see our expectations exceeded.

A mockup of the PS4 physical release can be seen below. There is a strong chance it’s appearance will change before release.


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Tembo the Badass Elephant Preview

Tembo the Badass Elephant Logo

Here at SegaFans, we only want to do previews of upcoming games of relevance for Sega fanatics. We will not be highlighting everything that comes down the poop chute, just games that we think are worth considering setting some meseta aside for. We keep it simple, giving you some info, video, screens, or whatever’s available at the time. [Continue reading…]

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Yakuza Ishin to be PS4 and PS3 Title

Yakuza Ishin was announced to be a Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 title. The announcement occurred at SCEJA Press Conference 2013. The game will be released on the PS4 in Japan on February 22nd, 2014. There’s a strong rumor that Sega is intending to release the game in Western markets as well.

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