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Streets of Rage OCRemix Project

Streets of Rage 2 - By Lost Tyrant
Streets of Rage 2
By Lost Tyrant

Seeking to fill an unjust omission in OCRemix’s catalog of albums devoted to remixes for specific games and series, they’re launching a Streets of Rage project (finally!). Forum poster Dusk spilled the beans and asked for volunteers last Wednesday in this forum post.

According to Dusk, this will be a 3 album project, with each album focusing on a game in the series. The plan is to release each album about a year apart, devoting the time in between to craft the best remixes possible. This also means that fans of the series should expect to wait a good while for the first album to be ready for release. Hopefully, when it comes, it will be worth it!

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Tanguy Ukele Orchestra

This might be old news to some of you, but coming across my collection of his music today, I felt I needed to make sure I shared Tanguy Ukele Orchestra.

Way back in 2005 land, TUO first shared a trio of songs including a cover of the Space Harrier theme on his website. I really enjoyed it and grabbed the rest.

A couple of years later, he published another small collection of songs and this one included an Alex Kidd Medley.

Since then, he hasn’t published any more Sega music, but I’m sure you’ll find some other enjoyable covers on his website here.

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The Blast Processors

The Blast Processors EPSegaShiro tipped me off to The Blast Processors, a relatively new Sega video game cover band from Toronto, Canada. They have a 4 song EP available for preview and download at their Bandcamp site.

From their site:

The Blast Processors are a SEGA Video Game Cover Band based in Toronto, Canada. They claim to have traveled from the Year 2101 AD where a terrible war, precipitated by the console wars of the 1990’s, has ravaged mankind. Having missed their time modulation by some decades, they resolved to rock.

My favorite part is that they actually took on names of various Sega hardware for their stage names.

Hopefully we’ll see more from The Blast Processors in the future.

While we’re on the subject of Sega video game cover bands, I guess I should mention the heavy metal outfit MegaDriver from Brazil.They’ve more recently opened themselves up to non-Sega covers, but have released multiple albums based upon Sega games like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Sonic, and Streets of Rage.

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Classic Sega Music the Way it was Meant to be Heard: VGM

Those of us who have been around the Sega interwebs for a while probably need no introduction to VGM. This article is not for you.

VGM is an audio format that allows you to hear video game music as it was originally intended to be heard through a game console. Unlike OST CDs, symphonic arrangements albums, remixes, and all of the other variations of game music you can find out there, VGM is an easy way for you to be able to hear the music as you would have when you actually played the game. Also, it has an one advantage over all of the others: VGM’s file size is incredibly small in comparison. Phantasy Star IV’s VGM collection comes to only 2.31MBs! Any random collection of PSIV music you rip or download to your hard drive will possibly take up hundreds of MBs of space, depending on the format.

How do you play VGM? Well, if you use Foobar 2000 or Winamp to listen to music on your computer, you can grab a plugin for both of them through the links I just provided. You can also download a standalone player such as Audio Overload, which is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Now that you have the player, what do you do with it? Download some Sega music!

Genesis game music lovers have a wonderful site dedicated to only Genesis VGM rips called Project 2612. The overwhelming majority of Genesis games are represented, along with even newer releases like Pier Solar.

Interested in some Sega Master System, Game Gear, or Mark III game music? SMS Power has you covered!

So if you decide to pursue VGM and amass a collection, it is very easy to have an accessible archive of all of your favorite classic Sega games without dedicated a hard drive or two in the process. Try it out and see what you think!

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