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SMS Homebrew Animus XS is Now Called Mantissa Experiment

A while back, we posted about an SMS homebrew game named Animus XS that was in the works by French developer Furrtek. Since that original posting, the developer has continued work on the game and recently changed it’s name to Mantissa Experiment.

The game cartridge will feature an additional chip in it now to help with sprite animation.

The prototype cover art was recently released as well.


The developer promises another video update on the game soon!

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New Site: Sega Masters

I just wanted to drop a memo about a newer website started recently called Sega Masters. It seeks to do with the Sega Master System’s library what Chrontendo did with the NES. That is, to work through the console’s library by release date, one game at a time. So far, the author’s up to 7 games and counting.

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New SMS Homebrew Game in Development: Animus XS

French developer Furrtek has evidently been working on a new homebrew Sega Master System game, Animus XS. From what I gather, the developer wants to make a Space Harrier-style game featuring mechs. The current plan is to finish the game, manufacture some physical copies for those who want it, and then release the ROM for all once sales are completed. Very cool!

You can check out a demo of some of the work so far below and see some additional items at their website here. It looks pretty good for something that was uploaded only a couple of weeks into the game’s production.

I have no real experience with the French language, so I apologize for any errors here! Google translate can only do so much!

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Classic Sega Music the Way it was Meant to be Heard: VGM

Those of us who have been around the Sega interwebs for a while probably need no introduction to VGM. This article is not for you.

VGM is an audio format that allows you to hear video game music as it was originally intended to be heard through a game console. Unlike OST CDs, symphonic arrangements albums, remixes, and all of the other variations of game music you can find out there, VGM is an easy way for you to be able to hear the music as you would have when you actually played the game. Also, it has an one advantage over all of the others: VGM’s file size is incredibly small in comparison. Phantasy Star IV’s VGM collection comes to only 2.31MBs! Any random collection of PSIV music you rip or download to your hard drive will possibly take up hundreds of MBs of space, depending on the format.

How do you play VGM? Well, if you use Foobar 2000 or Winamp to listen to music on your computer, you can grab a plugin for both of them through the links I just provided. You can also download a standalone player such as Audio Overload, which is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Now that you have the player, what do you do with it? Download some Sega music!

Genesis game music lovers have a wonderful site dedicated to only Genesis VGM rips called Project 2612. The overwhelming majority of Genesis games are represented, along with even newer releases like Pier Solar.

Interested in some Sega Master System, Game Gear, or Mark III game music? SMS Power has you covered!

So if you decide to pursue VGM and amass a collection, it is very easy to have an accessible archive of all of your favorite classic Sega games without dedicated a hard drive or two in the process. Try it out and see what you think!

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