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Yet Another Sonic Team Interview From SOS 2013

These interviews just keep coming. Evidently, everyone wants to stretch these out to keep people coming back to their sites…

Nightsintodreams.com has posted an interview with character designer Kazuyuki Hoshino. They discuss how he began working with Sega and then spend the rest of the time discussing, what else, NiGHTS Into Dreams. They also provide an MP3 so you can listen to the interview. You can read it here.

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Sonic Lost World Footage from SOS 2013

Check out this Sonic Lost World exclusive footage from Summer of Sonic 2013. It shows off a desert and a jungle stage.

In addition to this, check out SegaNerd’s interview with Takashi Iizuka here. He discusses the continued use of Color Powers, developing Sonic games for different kinds of fans in mind, and the Wii U hardware.

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JSRF Interview

GamerWeb has a nice interview with Rich Biggs, senior project manager for JSRF right here. One of the more interesting things mentioned are that you can now tag areas while skating past them, so you don’t have to stop in front of a wall to spray it. He also stated that you won’t be able to make your own soundtrack like other Xbox games, although given the coolness of JSR’s soundtrack, I don’t think most people will care. There will also be a sampler CD with tunes from the game.

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Find Out What The Good Deal Is

I’ve been so busy working on my stuff that I haven’t been surfing that much the past few days. Well, I just found out one of my brethren, PlanetDreamcast, has interviewed Good Deal Games, the folks responsible for the two recently released Sega CD games that were never published. Good work guys.

The guys get some information of GDG’s head honcho Michael Thomasson, including some information on the group’s next planned title: “Wing Nuts is by far the better of the three products, originally designed for release by Rocket Science Games.”

Click here for the interview

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