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Here’s something fun for the weekend – I’ve put together three videos featuring various Game Boy Advance games compared to their console counterparts. All these videos are roughly 15 Megabytes in size.

Up first is a comparison of the GBA version of Crazy Taxi with the Dreamcast version (widely known to be the best home version).

fileplanet –

As I’ve said before, everything about the Game Boy Advance version of the game is horrible. It’s got a bad framerate and lousy controls. Instead of fixing these problems, the developers decided to make the game extremely easy. If you were to watch the full version of that run, I ended up with over $8,000.00 and an easy S ranking, despite my frequent crashing due to the camera/controls. The Dreamcast video didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but that’s due to the bitrate restriction I put on the file. The game itself doesn’t have the framerate problems that the video does.

The second video is a comparison of the Game Boy Advance and Saturn versions of Sega Rally.

fileplanet –

As you can see, the Game Boy Advance version plays pretty well. It’s not as good as the Saturn version, but it isn’t bad in any respect but the graphics. Perhaps it’s because the game doesn’t require split second reflexes to avoid cars, but the game just plays so much better than the GBA Crazy Taxi. From what I understand, Sega Rosso did the development for this title. It was wise of Sega not to turn the game over to a 3rd party in this case.

The final video for today is a brief look at the Game Boy Advance and Dreamcast versions of Space Channel 5. For the Dreamcast source material, I used the Japanese version of the game – mostly because it’s a lot harder to find footage of that version on the internet, and partly because I like the Japanese voices better.

fileplanet –

It’s remarkable how well they’ve translated the game to the small screen. Yes, they ditched the FMV and most of the voices, and the character animations are a bit lacking, but they crammed the whole game onto the cartridge which is no small feat. Of course I still prefer the Dreamcast version, but for those times when there’s no Dreamcast or TV around, it’s comforting to know that I’ve got Ulala in my pants and that I can play with her just about anywhere.

I’ll probably end up doing more videos of this type (there are a few more games to cover) since they’re both entertaining and educational. When I do, they’ll be posted here.


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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Is #1 in Sales header

Shining Soul News, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Is #1 in Sales

Sega’s new GBA RPG Shining Soul will be released March 28th in Japan, and will allow 4 players to link up. Looks sweet, and here’s hoping for a US release soon. Check out the Magic Boxfor more info…

Nintensity ( copy since it’s down – James) has a nice little write up about Sonic Adventure 2: Battle being the #1 GameCube game last week.

sonic adventure 2 battle us cover

Xengamers has an interesting little story about Sega of Japan warning consumers about buying certain refurbished DC’s that may have been converted to use other countries’ standard voltages. Umm, ok…

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