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Virtua Striker 2002 US-Bound

Sega has announced that they’re bringing the GameCube version of Virtua Striker 2002 to the US in May. “It’s a fast-paced arcade-style soccer game that found most of its popularity in Japanese arcades. The game features 64 teams. It also has several modes such as edit, training, league, penalty kick, and an international cup mode where eight leagues–made up of four countries–can compete for the international championship.” [GameSpot]

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Latest Sega TRST Data

For the week of 2-10 through 2-16 Sega had another solid showing:

Across all platforms:
5. Sonic Adventure 2, GCN 39,706
6. Sonic Advance, GBA 32,746
11. NBA 2K2, PS2 18,301

SA2 was, by far, the top ‘cube game of the week.
SA was bested by the debut of Mario Advance 2, but it still did well.

Sadly, Rez did not make the list, even though it’s the best ps2 game I’ve played in a while.

Remember, the TRST data covers 60% of retailers, so actual sell-through numbers will be higher.

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18 Wheeler Pro Trucker For GC

18 Wheeler Pro Trucker for the Nintendo GameCube found itself made available yesterday for the suggested retail price of $49.99. The question is… is it worth it? Well, only if A) you have friends to play it with, B) you don’t have the DC version, and C) you are too lame to go buy the DC version. Truthfully, though, the graphics have been improved slightly, while not much else has been touched.

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