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A Fan Made An Awesome Robot of Virtua Fighter’s Akira

robot of virtua fighter's akira header

YouTuber automoemo shows off his robot of Virtua Fighter’s Akira Yuki, created with a 3D printer. This thing is just so cool to watch move. The robot comes in at 19.6 inches in height and it’s based off of the recently released Figma action figure.


Sources: [ VirtuaFighter.com, via SegaBits ]

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Asuka 120% Limit Over Fan Translation Released

asuka-120-limited-burning-fest-frontAsuka 120% Limit Over is a modded version of the 1997 Japanese Sega Saturn fighting game Asuka 120% Limited BURNING Fest. The rumor is that the original development team was responsible for the patch that was circulated on the internet in Japan. Around 2007, some fans at Lost Levels’ forum discovered this mod and it slowly started making the rounds on the English speaking parts of the internet.

Now another fan has released an English fan translation for this mod. Essentially, all of the characters names are now in English so you can more easily select them via the in-game menus. They also documented their translation process fairly well.

You’ll still need a patched version of the original game in BIN/CUE format to apply the translation, but at least this game is now more accessible for the rest of the world.


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Summer of Sonic 2013: Retrospective

Didn’t get the chance to make it to Summer of Sonic 2013? Yeah, neither did we. However, luckily for us, The Sonic Show has released a documentary looking back on the highlights of the event. Now we can all feel better about not making the trip.

Hey guys, I know! Let’s play spot the furry! First one to 20 confirmed identifications gets free pitchers of beer tonight!

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Custom Sonic Mech Figure

SegaDriven pointed out this excellent custom made Sonic mech figure that an Etsy seller named KodykoalaToys made. Inside the head of the Sonic mech figure is another Sonic figure behind the controls. Neat!

The custom figure was made from an 8 inch tall vinyl figure that is fully articulate, with the smaller Sonic being made from a 2 inch figure. He is asking $275 for this one-of-a-kind Sonic figure.

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