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A Little Something…

A little while back, the fine folks behind Chupamedia, Perfect-Zero and the newer System Zero released a nice Dragon Force music sampler. It features a couple tracks from the game, as well as some information, visuals, and other little goodies. Unfortunately, the links to the full length MP3s won’t work, but sometime soon you’ll be able to grab the full length tracks from S-Z itself. I thought it’d be a great little present to tide you over while I’m still working on finishing some of the content I’ll be unveiling today. Enjoy, and be sure to head over to System-Zero to say thank you. I’m sure you’ll find me taking a break in their forums if you watch closely. :)

Get it right here {5mbs}

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New Look

So, what do you think of the new look? I think it works better, myself. I’m trying to strive for a more community-oriented feel for the site now. Hopefully, gone is that empty feeling that made the site somewhat impersonal. Now we all have a local YaBB message board to use. You’ll have to register to secure your nickname, but you’ll be able to have a profile, rank, and possibly even some rewards for regulars somewhere down the road.

Enjoying your holiday from work and school, kiddies? Cool. Just don’t forget your Saturns. I find the winter to be a great time for RPGs, and the Saturn’s got some great ones. Ever check out the critically-acclaimed Dragon Force?

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