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Watermelon Giving Away LE Blue Millenium Dreamcast Controller

Our friends and old Eidolon’s Inn mates at Watermelon are running a fun contest on their Facebook page. The prize is a limited edition blue Millenium Dreamcast controller.

To win, you need to like their excellent Facebook page and provide the best captions for the photo below in the comments section of this post.

watermelon-bubble-warThe contest ends on August 23rd.

In somewhat related news, make sure you pre-order Pier Solar HD for Dreamcast if that tickles your fancy!

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Free Stuff Friday : October 14th, 2011

SoA decided to announce they were doing Free Stuff Friday this week on… Friday… practically halfway through the day. So, since I was at work when I saw it and it was too late to give advanced notice anyway, I decided to put this off. Here it is, for whatever reason you might have to read this post-contest. Hopefully next time we’ll get an earlier heads up.

This week, there’s a whole lot of Sonic stuff.

1. Shadow the Hedgehog Plush! Recently announced for Sonic Generations and doubly confirmed in today’s awesome trailer, Shadow will be making appearance as a Rival! To prepare for the upcoming release, we have the ultimate plush, the special Shadow plush.

2. Sonic Wallet! This tri-fold Sonic wallet closes with a snap and depicts Sonic, Shadow and Silver on the front. Perfect for any fan!

3. Sonic Plush Seat Belt Wrap! Safety first! Just be safe in style and show off your favorite Blue Hedgehog!

4. Sonic Headphones! You read that right, we’ve got headphones with Sonic on each ear, they are pretty sweet and available from our licensing team as a generous donation!

5. Sonic Boom Shirt! Featuring Classic and Modern Sonic – this shirt was given out at our Sonic community event. Sizes Small and Large available.

6. The SEGA Controller sweatshirt! Back by popular demand! Sizes Small to Double Xtra Large!

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SegaFans Advisory

Due to the contest that SegaFans has rated as a class A (that is, “Extremely Fucking Cool”) in the April issue of GamePro, it is advised that you DO actually pick it up. Inside, you shall find your chance to win every single American Dreamcast release. Whoa! What a great prize! … But there’s more! The very last American Dreamcast produced, signed by all of Sega’s big developers! Holy shit! Good luck, guys. I know I’ve set aside the cash for the crap magazine. I at least Hope pictures of the booty find their way to the interweb…

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SEGA-Fans.net Fan Art Contest

We’re pleased to announce our first contest here at SEGA-Fans.net. Well, we’ll first feed you what you want to know: the prize is your choice of actually decent Saturn games (3 of which are North American releases, the fourth being a Japanese release). The titles of the games will remain a mystery until they are presented to the winner.

So now you’ve got to be wondering What do I have to do?!? Well, calm down there, lil’ Miss Polly Prissy pants and read on.

One of our members – revolver – contacted me, asking me if it’d be cool to run a contest on SEGA-Fans.net and that he had some stuff he could give away. He suggest a fan art contest, where our visitors would submit some original artwork featuring Sega-related characters. Well, I said “hell yeah!,” seeing as how it’d be the perfect way to open up the upcoming SEGA-Fans.net Media section (yes, it is coming, and, yes, it will kick a whole lotta ass).

Why would revolver give up some of his games? He says that he’s moved on to other games, and would rather get something cool and original for them than $5-20 off of Ebay. So get them pencils, markers, mouses, ink pens, paint brushes, and trackballs out and get cracking, Shirley, because the deadline is just two weeks and a day from now. The reason why I chose this date? Simple, that’s the day that Virtua Fighter 4 is released in Japan. :)

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