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Etrian Odyssey V Tops Japanese Sales Charts on Debut

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Etrian Odyssey V has topped Japanese sales charts in it’s debut week, with 92,518 units sold in just 3 days.

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The numbers from Media Create show a very strong opening for the game in the Japanese market. It was received quite well by the Japanese magazine Famitsu. They awarded the game a 35/40 and praised it’s changes to the character creation system.

The previous entry in the main series of EO games, Etrian Odyssey IV, sold over 100,000 units in it’s debut week. It saw the strongest sales in the series to date.

While EOV’s did open with slightly lower numbers, I think it’s still an impressive showing. The game released halfway through the tracked week and still beat out it’s closest competitor Dragon Ball Fusions by roughly 15,000 copies.

In addition, the Nintendo 3DS is 4 years older at this point and I’m certain many owners have hung up their 3DS for good by now. I wonder if the series will move to the Nintendo NX or smartphones in the future?

You can find our previous coverage of Etrian Odyssey V here.

It still hasn’t been announced for a Western localization, so if you’re anxious to play it, you can order it from Play Asia.

Source: [ Gematsu, via SegaBits ]

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Persona 5 Trailer #4 – Cutscenes & Gameplay

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Atlus of Japan has released Persona 5 Trailer #4 today as part of their Persona event for the PS3 and PS4 game.

This is the latest, newly released Persona 5 trailer from Atlus in Japan. This promotional video shows off tons of stylish gameplay as well as new characters for the PS3 and PS4 game.

It’s set to release in Japan on September 15th, 2016. We don’t have any Western release dates just yet, but stick with us and we’ll let you know promptly when the information is released!

We’ll be doing an informational video in English soon for Persona 5 to catch everyone up on the details released so far. For now, enjoy this awesome trailer!

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