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Introducing Operation Ghost – New Sega Arcade Game Coming to North America!

It’s true! A new Sega arcade game is coming to North America sometime soon! It’s called Operation Ghost and it is the sequel to Ghost Squad. No release date has been set yet, but I know personally that it’ll be unlikely I’ll see this locally anytime soon (GameWorks shut down in Columbus, Ohio).

From Sega Amusement’s page:

Operation Ghost Shooting Video Game Sega

Sega’s realistic tactical light gun shooter is back and this time it is set in the future! It’s 2035 and the war against terrorism continues. The terrorist network known as Blue Wolf is on the rise and they have seized Uranium in an attempt to build their own nuclear weapons. Liberalists form a task force to exterminate the Blue Wolf, reclaim the uranium and stop a nuclear disaster! That task force is called G.H.O.S.T. (Global Humanitarian Operations & Special Tactics)

Operation Ghost puts players in the shoes of highly trained special force agents. They must use precision shooting and quick reactions to complete the mission whilst using some of the brand new tools at their disposal! As well as new weapons, gadgets and equipment, Operation Ghost features a multi-coloured LED monitor surround. This feature enables; extended off-screen targeting, enemy approach direction indication and provides a game play experience that has never been seen before.

This deluxe, 2 player, 42” high definition cabinet contains 5 player selectable stages of incredible depth. This is enhance by the return of the popular challenge level including the classic sniper sections which really emerge the player in to the intense world of an Operation Ghost agent!

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Triforce Debuts

As I reported just the other day, the Triforce is the combined work of Sega, Nintendo, and Namco. Well, it was shown off at the AOU 2002 Expo. Here’s a few screenshots and here’s what XenGen had to say about it:

Nintendo in association with Sega and Namco unveiled the ‘Tri-Force’ today at the AOU 2002 show in Japan. Essentially an arcade system based on Nintendo’s GameCube console, ‘Tri-Force’ hardware demonstrations were running in several booths at the show. Among them was a soccer game which looked almost photo realistic. Unfortunately, Nintendo representatives on-hand at the event remained tightlipped regarding software development and potential third party supporters.

Namco’s booth was abuzz with players eager to get their hands on Soul Calibur II, the latest incarnation of Namco’s weapon-based fighter. Eight tournament style cabinets featuring Soul Calibur II are available within the booth, each preset for two fifty-second rounds. Several characters are playable in the demo version including Mitsuguri, Ivy, Taki, Nightmare, and Cassandra amongst others. Aside from Soul Calibur II, Namco also had an arcade version of the PlayStation2 music title ‘Technitix’ on display.

Sega’s booth was awash in new arcade titles including sports entry ‘World Championship Soccer 2002,’ cartoony shooter ‘Maze of Kings,’ and the latest truck racer ‘King of Route 66.’ One of the real highlights however was ‘Soul Surfer,’ a virtual watersports title. Specifically, players balance on surfboard apparatus and navigate simulated waves. The finished version of Soul Surfer will reportedly include more than a dozen different beach courses and is expected to hit arcades this July.

Elsewhere, Japanese software giant Konami had several interesting offerings within their booth. Among them, a fighting style music title dubbed ‘Marshall Beat,’ a cute simulation entitled ‘Dog Station,’ and a virtual tennis game ‘Nice Smash.’ Specifically, in Nice Smash players use a racket to simulate player movements onscreen and can play against human or computer controlled opponents.

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Sega’s Involvement With Tri-Force, PS2-Focus…

Two interesting news bytes from the Magic Box today:

-Sega, Nintendo and Namco announced a collaborative development of a new arcade game board called TriForce. The TriForce is a GameCube compatible 3D arcade board, which allows developers to create low cost, high performance game titles for both arcade and home console. A prototype of the TriForce arcade board will be exhibited at the upcoming AOU Expo on February 23 in Tokyo Japan.

-Sega announced that they will focus on PlayStation 2 development for this year, about 50% of the upcoming game titles are designated for the PS2 platform, and the rest are divided equally for XBox, GameCube and GameBoy Advance. Sega also mentioned a number of classic Mega Drive and Saturn hits will be “revived” on the PS2 this year, more details will be announced at this year’s E3 Expo.

The second item troubles me. It sounds like Sega will be releasing yet another Smash Pack for PS2, as well as a port of some Saturn gems… whether it’ll include Panzer Dragoon Saga or not is both a happy and sad possibility…

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Sega’s Soul Surfer Arcade Game Debuts

The Magic Box is reporting that Sega Rosso has announced a new arcade game Soul Surfer – looks like Top Skater but with a min surf board. It will be released to Japanese arcades this summer. They’ve also joined up with Namco and Nintendo to bring arcades the Triforce board, based on GameCube hardware.

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