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25th Anniversary of Streets of Rage

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Today marks the 25th anniversary of Streets of Rage‘s original release!

Bare Knuckle cover

Of course, the game was released originally in Japan as Bare Knuckle with this fantastic cover gracing it’s case.

Where were you when you first encountered Streets of Rage?

My Uncle was in his late teens while I was 9 years old in the fall of 1991. He had obtained a Sega Genesis fairly early and I always looked forward to trying the latest games out when we visited. It was at his house that I first experienced Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and many other classic Sega games.

Somehow the arcade games simply had not been available in my area, with mostly Capcom and Namco machines filling the spots in the entryways of grocery and corner stores. You know, the usual places a young man would find arcade cabinets in the late 1980s in rural America!

Streets of Rage NA front cover

So it was on an all-too short visit to my Uncle’s house that I would first discover Streets of Rage. I recall having seen some coverage of it in magazines prior, but the printed page and text simply could not communicate the experience that this game offers.

As we all know, the game is great. A wonderful rival for Capcom’s Final Fight with aesthetics and a soundtrack that blows it’s competitor away.

How do you feel when reflecting on 25 years of pounding asses to thumping music?

I feel… wonderful!

Yuzo Koshiro - Streets of Rage DJ Set (Full)

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Sega Announces Sega 3D Classics Collection

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In a move that definitely didn’t surprise me, Sega announced the Sega 3D Classics Collection physical release. [Continue reading…]

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A Special Day

Today marks two anniversaries that we care about around here.

The first is the North American launch of the Genesis. It’s been 24 years since it’s release stateside. How old does that make you feel? When did you get your Genesis? What games did you play on it at first? Let us know in the forums!

My first experience with it was at my uncle’s house, shortly after it’s release. I had seen screenshots and articles in magazines on the games, but playing them was something else. My first experience was the pack-in game Altered Beast. I can remember my reaction when I first saw the transformation scene: Holy shit! This certainly was a much stronger piece of hardware than my NES or Master System! I was hooked!

altered-beast-transformMy parents were, naturally, pestered until I finally got one the following Christmas. Those few months seemed like an eternity! I think I played Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Shinobi, and Space Harrier nonstop to occupy myself. Even back then, I leaned very heavily on the Sega side of things. My NES was mostly used for Capcom games and RPGs that I couldn’t play elsewhere.

The second anniversary is the 15th – that’s right, fifteenth, anniversary of SegaFans. We started out on August 14th, 1998 as a crappy free host page based around the Sega Saturn called Sega Saturn Online. I would publish news from Japan and random reviews on the site. Over the next two years, we changed our name to Sega CDX and, finally, SegaFans.

Our activity on the site might have waxed and waned when the person running it had to deal with real life issues. But I’m proud to have carried the Sega banner along with benstylus and JoshF, pushing the site along to this milestone. Both of them stepped up and served as head master here while I was away for a handful of years, bringing their own opinions and personalities to the site and keeping the lights on.

While we celebrate out 15th, let’s all pour one out for all of our fallen or dormant brethren. Thanks for all the memories, interweb Sega peoples. Let’s make some more during the next 5 years!

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Dreamcast Smash Pack


Manufacturer: Sega

Released: January 31st, 2001 (N.A.)

Initial Price: $179.99

In Package: Dreamcast Smash Pack, controller, Sega Smash Pack, Web Browser disc, power adapter, a/v cables, instructions.

Misc. Notes:Smash Pack disc includes: Altered Beast, Columns, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star 2, Revenge of Shinobi, Sega Swirl, Shining Force, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage 2, Vectorman, Virtua Cop 2, and Wrestle War.

The disc was originally only bundled with the Smash Pack Dreamcast, but later sold separately for $39.99 MSRP the following April.

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