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Sega Fan Art Showcase Volume 2

sega fan art showcase volume 2 header

It’s been a long time since our previous Fan Art Showcase. We wanted to bring it back, but got distracted by things.

Here’s our second edition of the Sega Fan Art Showcase. The next installment will arrive before Phantasy Star Online 2 gets a North American release, we promise.

Phantasy Star 1 by kamiomutsu.

phantasy star fan art by kamiomutsu

Alex Kidd in Miracle World by Mr Nik.

alex kidd fan art by mr nik

Jet Set Radio and Splatoon crossover by gemi333.

jet set radio splatoon crossover by gemi333

Shinobi fan art by BrotherOstavia.

shinobi fan art by brotherostavia

Monster World IV fan art by Ozara Maki.

monster world iv fan art by ozara maki

ESWAT: City Under Siege fan art by Vandrell.

eswat city under siege fan art by vandrell

Phantasy Star II fan art by Isedaichi Ken.

phantasy star II fan art by Isedaichi Ken

Splatterhouse fan art by TheDarkCloak.

splatterhouse fan art by thedarkcloak

A take on a favorite level of Shinobi III by modusprodukt.

shinobi iii fan art by modusprodukt

Yakuza 5 fan art by Amasaki Kasama (NSFW content).

yakuza 5 fan art by amasakikasama

If you have any exceptional, inspired, or just a beloved piece of fan art you’d like to submit for our next gallery, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Touching Alex Kidd Moment from SGGG

alex kidd moment

Kurt Kulata, of Hardcoregaming101, posted a few Alex Kidd-related items to Facebook and one of them was the video below. I hadn’t seen it before. Evidently, in 2012, Game Informer translated the following sequence from the Dreamcast game SGGG and put it on the web. Find out how Alex Kidd reacted to fading into obscurity in the 90s. Prepare your Kleenexes, folks!

Damn, right in them feels.

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Missing Mascots

It’s a weekend on the interwebs and there’s usually very little new stuff to read or do. With that in mind, I wanted to point out 1UP’s recent Missing Mascots: Gaming Personalities that Slipped Off the Radar article. It’s a Where Are They Now for gaming mascots of the 1980s and 1990s, including many who graced Sega consoles. Alex Kidd, Opa Opa, Randar, Wonder Boy, and Yuko all get their own sections.

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