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Shinobi for the 3DS Looks to be… Dissapointing…

I apologize if I’m taking on a bit of a Negative Nancy tone here, but after seeing Shinobi 3DS recently, I’m left with a poor impression.

I was a huge Shinobi fan as a kid, having started with the SMS port of the arcade game. For the longest time, I only had Rampage, Shinobi, and the built-in Hang-On / Safari Hunt for my SMS. It wasn’t for months that I finally got Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap (which became my favorite SMS game), so I played a ton of Shinobi.

Through the years, I played the various Genesis games, missing out on the Game Gear and Saturn titles, as well as the GBA game that looked like complete ass. The Playstation 2 Shinobi was marvelous and it’s follow-up Nightshade was pretty good as well. Overall, I’d say Shinobi III for the Genesis / Mega Drive and Shinobi for the PS2 are my favorite games in the series. They’re smooth, fun, and challenging.

So that’s my background with the Shinobi series.

In walks this trailer for Shinobi 3DS, which is being developed by Griptonite Games, who are mostly known for the portable versions of multi-platformed licensed games. It comes out on November 15th. It looks to be the second farmed-out, disappointing Shinobi game in the franchise.

Just by looking at the trailer below, my hopes for the game have sank a little. It looks like a Flash game! I admire the use of 2.5D, which I was a huge fan of in the 90s, with games like Strider 2 and Psychic Killer Taromaru. The aesthetic here is just not pleasing to me and I am not alone, looking at the Youtube comments submitted in the past day since this trailer’s release.

I hate to be that guy, making a huge deal out of graphics in a video game. The big deal to me here, though, is that they had a choice. They chose to make this game that is not attractive (to myself and others). I’m just hoping that (somehow) it turns out to play extremely well. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a NEW awesome 2D Shinobi game.

So, let’s compare. The first video I have for you is a recording of Shinobi III, which I consider to be the pinnacle of 2D Shinobo games.

Now we have the trailer for Shinobi 3DS.

Which one do you want to play?

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