Cleo released these Sonic the Hedgehog Valentines in 1994.

Sonic the Hedgehog Valentines Images


Alternate Titles
Publisher(s) Cleo
Release Dates 1994 (NA)
Release Prices $ ?
Product IDs 350-7561
Barcodes 070508772808
In Package 32 cards, 3 additional on the back cover to cut out, and envelopes

Miscellaneous Notes

These are your standard early 1990’s Valentine’s Day cards – but featuring Sonic the Hedgehog characters and attitude! In North America where these were released, the custom is for children to pass out Valentine’s to most of their classmates, not just their crushes. That’s why you would occasionally find these sets including teacher cards as well.


Here’s a gallery featuring all of the cards scanned!

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