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Sonic the Hedgehog CD (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグCD) is one of the most popular Sega CD games of all time periods.

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Alternate Titles ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグCD
Sonic CD
Genre Platformer
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Sonic Team, H.I.C.
Publisher(s) SEGA
TecToy (BR)
Release Dates September 23rd, 1993 (JP Mega CD)
November 19th, 1993 (NA Sega CD)
1994 (NA Sega CD bundle)
October 1993 (EU Mega CD)
(BR Sega CD)
(KR Mega CD)
August 9th, 1996 (JP Windows)
September 26th, 1996 (NA Windows)
1997 (NA Windows Expert)
1998 (NA Windows Expert)
October 3rd, 1996 (EU Windows)
(BR Windows)
Release Prices ¥ 8,800 (JP Mega CD)
(NA Sega CD)
(NA Sega CD bundle)
£44.99 (EU Mega CD)
(BR Sega CD)
(KR Mega CD)
¥ 7,800 (JP Windows)
(NA Windows)
(NA Windows Expert)
(NA Windows Expert)
(EU Windows)
(BR Windows)
Product IDs G-6021 (JP Mega CD)
4407 (NA Sega CD)
(NA Sega CD bundle)
4407 (EU Mega CD)
063220 (BR Sega CD)
(KR Mega CD)
HCJ-0104 (JP Windows)
85015 (NA Windows)
6805 01 (NA Windows Expert)
6805 02 (NA Windows Expert)
MK 85015 (EU Windows)
(BR Windows)
Barcodes 4974365560218 (JP Mega CD)
010086044072 (NA Sega CD)
(NA Sega CD bundle)
4974365560218 (EU Mega CD)
7891196063220 (BR Sega CD)
(KR Mega CD)
(JP Windows)
(NA Windows)
(NA Windows Expert)
(NA Windows Expert)
9312544039790 (EU Windows)
(BR Windows)
Rating (JP Mega CD)
GA (NA Sega CD)
GA (NA Sega CD bundle)
(EU Mega CD)
(BR Sega CD)
(KR Mega CD)
(JP Windows)
K-A (NA Windows)
K-A (NA Windows Expert)
(NA Windows Expert)
(EU Windows)
K-A (BR Windows)

Sonic the Hedgehog CD Overview

Sonic the Hedgehog CD (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグCD) is one of the most beloved games on the Sega CD.

The game plays largely like the other console Sonic games of it’s time. A time traveling mechanic adds a good deal of replay value, giving you the goal of finding the best route through the game and earning the best ending.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD Screenshots


Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Sega PC) - Japanese/Europe intro HD!
Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Sega PC) - USA Intro 1080pHD
Japanese Sonic CD Commercial from Sonic Jam [Perfect Rip]
Sonic The Hedgehog CD (Sega CD) - Full Playthrough


Other Media

Here are some PDF manual scans for the North American, European, and Japanese versions.

Here’s a print ad for Sonic the Hedgehog CD that ran in North American magazines.

sonic the hedgehog cd NA print ad sonic goes cd cd goes sonic

A print ad featuring a promotional $10 mail-in rebate for LifeSavers candy and Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic Spinball, and Sonic Chaos ran in some magazines in North American like GamePro.

sonic the hedgehog cd sonic spinball sonic chaos NA print ad

A print ad for the game from South Korea.

sonic the hedgehog cd KR print ad

A print ad from Spain featuring Sonic Spinball, Sonic Chaos, and Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

sonic spinball sonic chaos sonic the hedgehog cd ES print ad

A print ad from Japan that ran in Beep! publications.

sonic the hedgehog cd JP beep print ad


Music from the game was first available on Sonic the Hedgehog Boom, released by Sega of America (Catalog # DIDX-020642) on February 2nd, 1994 to individuals who pre-ordered Sonic the Hedgehog 3 at certain retailers. Music from Sonic Spinball was also featured, but strangely enough nothing from Sonic 3 appeared. All of the songs from both games are represented with extended mixes.

All of the music from Sonic the Hedgehog CD comes from the North American version of the soundtrack.

Later that year on December 7th in Japan, Alfa Music, Inc. published Sonic the Hedgehog – Remix (Catalog # ALCA-5023) for ¥ 2,427. It features music from the Japanese soundtrack remixed by the two men who composed it, Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata. The album came with a cute sticker. There is a rumor that it was available on vinyl, but no solid information or images have surfaced supporting it.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition was published by Wave Master (Catalog # WWCE-31265) on November 23rd, 2011 for ¥2,400 on digital storefronts and as a CD. It’s the first album to contain the original Japanese soundtrack but also includes 3 bonus featuring Spencer Nilsen’s music – including the extended version of “Sonic Boom.”

Archie Comics adapted the game’s story in it’s 25th issue of their Sonic the Hedgehog comic series in North America.

sonic the hedgehog issue 25 archie comics front cover

In the United Kingdom, Fleetway adapter several elements in issues 24 through 28 of their Sonic the Comic series. Fleetway’s comic series uses the name Metallix for Metal Sonic.

Ports & Remakes

The game was ported to Windows in 1996 and released in many regions (see data table at the top of the page). In this PC port, all regions featured the Spencer Nilsen version of the soundtrack. The opening and ending FMVs received quite an upgrade in presentation as well.

That same PC port was the basis for the version of Sonic CD in Sonic Gems Collection, released for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 in Fall of 2005. The Japanese versions of the Collection retained their originals soundtrack, but both Europe and North America received the Nilsen soundtrack again.

In 2011, Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog CD on Android, iOS, PC, PSN, Steam, and XBLA. This latest version was completely rebuilt from scratch by developer Christian “Taxman” Whitehead, giving the game widescreen support, online leaderboards, and allowed you to choose which soundtrack to listen to. Once you finish the game, you can choose to play as Tails, as if a sane person would make that decision.

The developer of the game actually approached Sega in 2009 with a plan to release the game on iOS, which leads to his working on remakes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Both were released on Android and iOS in 2013.

Random Information

Sonic CD marks the first appearance of Amy Rose and Metal Sonic.

•A patching program created by Korama for the original PC versions of the game to fix compatibility with modern versions of Windows can be found here. It does not work with the Dino versions, though.


William Walker wrote a good walkthrough for the game that you can grab here.

Cheats & Secrets

Stage Select
At the title screen press Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, and B.

Sound Test
At the title screen press: Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, and A.

View Sonic Team’s Best Times
At the title screen press Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, and C and you can see the developer’s best times.

Secret Special Stage
While in the sound test menu, put 07, 07, 07 in all sound modes, and then press Start. A message about the secret special stage will appear. Complete it and see what happens!

Best Ending
To get the best ending, collect all of the time stones and get the good future for every level.

Visual Mode
Beat Time Attack Mode in under 25’46”12 and you’ll unlock Visual Mode where you can view cutscenes.

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Special Thanks / Sources

SonicRetro was an invaluable resource while compiling this page. Any Sonic fanboy or girl should check it out.

-Various scans and information on the soundtrack albums thanks to SonicRetro, VGMDB, and Game OST.

-Header artwork pencils by Archie Comic’s Sonic the Hedgehog artist Tracy Yardley and colored by TheGraphicNovelist.