Fundraising for the community event Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam 2016 has begun.

Organized and spearheaded by SegaBits’ Kori-Maru, the event will go down this Fall in Georgia – but it needs your help! Renting out a venue and paying for the travel and accommodations for special guests is a considerable expense. They have a current goal of raising $3,000 to meet these needs and provide a worthwhile convention for fellow fans to flock to. The more they raise early on, the more guests they can secure.

Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam 2016 promo

Last year, the event hosted voice actress Lisle Wilkerson to help celebrate Shenmue’s 15th anniversary along with fellow cast mates Corey Marshall, Eric Kelso, and Paul Lucas live on Skype with her. Classic and current Sega games were available to play for free, panels were hosted and fan films were shown.

They also had zero ball pits. None. When asked if that would be the case for the 2016 event, KoriMaru responded with “heavens no.” It appears there will be no ball pits this year either, so you can rest assure any donated funds won’t be squandered.

You can find more information and donate to the 2016 Fan Jam here or reach them through the following services.

Twitter: @SSFanJam