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News from the 2016 New York Toy Fair revealed that Sonic Boom will stream on Hulu and season 2 will begin airing on Cartoon Network in Fall 2016.

The first season of the Sonic Boom cartoon series has proved to be a solid hit, despite it’s terrible early time slot on Cartoon Network here in North America. It feels like it was years ago since the series was first announced – probably because it was!

Sonic Boom will Stream on Hulu

sonic boom volume 1 the sidekick uk dvd

While the UK is getting physical DVD releases of the Sonic Boom TV series, there’s been no news of their release in other territories. Now word comes that Hulu has purchased the rights to stream the series, which might help explain the delay. It’s unclear as of this time if their deal has any impact on a home video release in the North American market. It’s also not been announced if the series will be stuck behind Hulu Plus, their paid subscription service.

Hulu will begin streaming the first season this upcoming Spring 2016. Impatient fans can find many of the episodes on Youtube and other unofficial sources, where they have been forced to go since the show’s first season ended last Fall.

Hulu obtained the rights for the Japanese animated series Sonic X in 2010 and has continued to stream it since. Sonic X was originally released on DVD 6 years prior to the deal and announced for a new complete series set by Disotek last Summer. However, no new news of the boxed set has materialized since. They’re not exactly going fast on that one, right? Maybe they should go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!

Sonic Boom Season 2, Other News

Season 2 of the show was announced last year, as was their intention of it hitting the 2015-2016 season. At 2016 Toy Fair, merchandising partner Tomy had promotional materials that indicated the show would be airing in Fall 2016 on Cartoon Network specifically.

It was also recently announced that Alan Denton, Bill Freiberger and Greg Hahn from the show’s creative team will be appearing at the 2016 Sonic Revolution fan convention in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, June 12th 2016.

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