Sega has released a few more videos of their upcoming game Shining Force Neo. (They will be available to download here at SegaFans tomorrow – having some problems with my cable modem so I’m using dial-up for the moment until I get it fixed).

A departure from the traditional strategy RPG that Shining Force games (though not all Shining games) have all been in the past, Shining Force Neo seems to be more of a hack and slash action adventure more along the lines of Diablo than anything else. When I first heard that the a new Shining Force game was being developed, I was ecstatic. Shining Force 3 was the pinnacle of strategy RPGs in my book – not too complicated battlewise, yet still varied enough to provide incentive to play all the way through to the end.

Then it was announced that this new entry in the Shining Force series would not be a strategy game, and I was shocked and disappointed. It was at this time that they revealed the name – Shining Force Neo – to which I cringed and had to face palm, crying out to the Segods asking why they did this. In truth, I still don’t care for the name, but I’ve come to grips with the reality of what the game is going to be and it looks like it will be quite pleasant indeed.

That’s something you can look forward to tomorrow.

In the meantime, Sega of America opted to pick up the publishing rights for Worms Forts Under Siege – and that will be released here on March 1 – the same day as Worms 3D. March is looking like a pretty big month for Sega so far, with both Worms Titles, Iron Phoenix, Sega Classics Collection, and of course The Matrix Online (currently scheduled for March 30).

Also, we’re just two weeks away from the next Sega No Hi, which promises to be yet another Sega No Hi. I can’t let slip any further details yet, except that it will be uploaded that morning instead of at ten o’clock that night.

Also I’m working on a new Game of the Moment entry, which should be ready later today or tomorrow. Please look forward to it!