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Shin Megami Tensei IV Final is an RPG for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Alternate Titles 真・女神転生IV FINAL
Genre RPG
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Atlus
Publisher(s) Atlus
Release Dates February 10th, 2016 (JP)
Release Prices ¥ 6,480 (JP)
Product IDs CTR-P-BG4J (JP)
Barcodes 4984995901084 (JP)
Rating Cero C (15+)

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Overview

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final (真・女神転生IV FINAL) is a followup to the 2013 game SMT IV.

It will feature multiple endings and plot branches in a brand new story revolving around a war between the Polytheistic Gods Alliance lead by Krishna and the monotheistic gods lead by Lucifer and Merkabah. You play as the hero, a god killer in training dragged into the conflict.

While SMT IV Final was developed to be enjoyed by new players to the series, those with save data from SMT IV will be able to obtain some items and equipment.

Producer Kazuyuki Yamai has said that the game will include improvements to “things like controls and demon conversations.” Other improvements include a revamped demons fusion system and a newly renovated UI.

No localization announcements have been made for other regions, but a North American English version seems incredibly likely due to Atlus’ track record of giving fans basically everything.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Screenshots

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Videos

真・女神転生IV FINAL ニコ生特番<新宿事変>
真・女神転生IV FINAL 東京崩壊イメージアニメ
真・女神転生IV FINAL PV#02
真・女神転生IV FINAL 神話動画 #1 ダグザ(語り部/下野紘)
真・女神転生IV FINAL 神話動画 #2 クリシュナ(語り部/久野美咲)
真・女神転生IV FINAL 神話動画 #3 メデューサ(語り部/沢城みゆき)
真・女神転生IV FINAL 神話動画 #4 スクナヒコナ(語り部/田中敦子)

SMT IV Final Artwork

Other Media

Here is an 8 page feature on the game from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu issue #1418. The final two page feature an original prequel story from the perspective of Nikkari written by Yusuke Miyata with illustration by Ikumi Fukuda. Ikumi Fukuda worked on the official Shin Megami Tensei IV – Demonic Gene manga.

Downloadable Content

Players who pre-ordered the game will get a Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Nintendo 3DS theme and two in-game earrings.

The first earring, Anarchy, will affect the hero’s weaknesses. The second earring, Peace, will help with demon negotiations.

shin megami tensei iv the final japanese preorder bonuses

TSUTAYA Online has this limited edition DLC costume for the protagonist called the “Vivid-T.”

shin megami tensei iv the final japan Vivid-T costume

Lawson retailers HMV and Loppi get this Lawson Original Equipment DLC costume.

shin megami tensei iv the final japan Lawson costume


Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL Original Soundtrack (真・女神転生IV FINAL オリジナル・サウンドトラック) will be published by Mastard Records (Catalog # LNCM-1133~4) on February 24th, 2016 in Japan for ¥ 3,500. It’s a 2-disc 35-track album. You can currently order it on Play-Asia, HMV, or Amazon.

shin megami tensei iv final original soundtrack front cover

A softcover strategy guide titled Shin Megami Tensei Ⅳ FINAL Kōshiki Akuma Dēta (真・女神転生Ⅳ FINAL 公式悪魔データ , “Official Devil Data”) was published by KADOKAWA (ISBN # 4048658573) on February 10th, 2016 in Japan for ¥ 1,300. It is 191 pages and features exhaustive data on 398 of the 450 demons that appear in the game. Fusion data, stats, items that are gifted and more is covered.

You can find it on Play-Asia and Amazon JP.

For the SMT fanboy or girl who must have everything! GEO Hyper Media Shop gets an eraser with a SMT IV – branded wrapper. Yay!

shin megami tensei iv the final japan eraser

There was a “Famitsu DX Pack” (真・女神転生IV FINAL ファミ通DXパック) available. In it, you find an acrylic figure of the protagonist and the demon Daguza, a shot glass and bromide featuring the female character in red, and a reflective strap featuring the character Navarre.

Even though it’s exclusive to ebten, you can preorder it on Play-Asia for $129.99 right now.

A suede B2 wall scroll was available by pre-ordering through WonderGOO or ordering directly. Play-Asia still has it listed for sale.

shin megami tensei iv final b2 tapestry

Some acrylic keychains were made available. You can currently purchase these at Play-Asia.

shin megami tensei iv final acrylic keychains

As were some charm straps.

shin megami tensei iv final charm straps

And some badge plates.

shin megami tensei iv final plate badge

Here we have some bromides.

shin megami tensei iv final bromides.jpg

A ball point pen.

shin megami tensei iv final ball point pen

A microfiber towel had this image on it.

shin megami tensei iv final microfiber towel

A handy dandy notebook.

shin megami tensei iv final notebook

Cute demon keychain.

shin megami tensei iv final oni keychains

A set of blue and red map symbols you can plug into a headphone jack.

shin megami tensei iv final map symbol headphone jack set

Pixel character keychains were also available.

shin megami tensei iv final pixel character keychains

And finally, we have three t-shirts that were made available to purchase.

There was a launch lottery event held on the day of the game’s release in Osaka and Tokyo from 10AM to 8PM. By submitting your receipt for purchasing the game, you could win any of the following exclusive items.

A Masayuki Doi autographed illustration with an acrylic display stand was the grand prize.

shin megami tensei iv final Masayuki Doi autographed illustration

A Chiron Nupu cork coaster.

shin megami tensei iv final Chiron Nupu cork coaster

Some size B2 posters.

shin megami tensei iv final launch lottery b2 posters

A 4 post card set.

shin megami tensei iv final launch lottery post card set

The consolation prize was another post card.

shin megami tensei iv final launch lottery post card

Below is a list of some of the retailer exclusive items not displayed above.

A4 Clear File – Animate Online Shop
Original Nintendo 3DS Theme – Amazon Japan
Acrylic Diorama Stand – AmiAmi
Large Fabric Posters (A1-sized) – Imagine WEB Shop
Microfiber Towel – Gamers
3-set Large Size Bromide (Photographic Portrait) – Girl’s Game Shop
Microfiber Cloth (20cm x 20cm) – Takarajima Game
Microfiber Cloth – Neowing
IC Card Stickers –

Random Information

There was a promotional cross-over event for the game Last Chronicle. Here are the in-game SMT IV Final cards added to Last Chronicle.

shin megami tensei iv final last chronicle collaboration


Satoshi Ohyama

Kazuyuki Yamai

Character Designer
Masayuki Doi (土居政之)

Setting Plan and Series Demon Designer
Kazuma Kaneko

Nobuyuki Shiota (塩田 信之)
Kazuma Kaneko (金子 一馬)

Ryota Koduka (小塚 良太)

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