Ys Net has released their Shenmue III month 3 progress report.

Shenmue III Month 3 Progress Report

Now that the game is out of the planning stage, they write that the big current focus has shifted to map testing. They have been working to fit the people, places and things into the game’s world.

The screenshots below are all still in testing. A lot of objects are being used as placeholders, like the men in black suits. They note that the Ryo shown is an older model. The screenshots from the two battle scenes were deliberately taken at an angle to avoid spoilers.

Yu Suzuki Community Interview

In addition to the teaser screens, Ambassador Ali has posted a community interview with Yu Suzuki here. Some of the questions are quite good. My favorites are below. Potential spoilers for the weary hearted lie below. If you care about such things, turn back!

Team Yu asks:

1) How has the revival of Shenmue after fourteen years affected you personally, and your outlook on life?

YS: The continued support of fan’s heartwarming messages and videos over the past 14 years have been one of the most moving experiences of my life. As a game designer I couldn’t be more proud.

Shenmue Dojo asks:

3) There is a cinema (theater), in the game named “New Yokosuka”, was there any time during development to make this cinema accessible to the player?

YS: Honestly I don’t remember since I made the game around 17 years ago. But if we did make a theater, I think someone naturally requested being able to enter.

Shenmue 500K FB asks:

4) You’ve made many of our favorite classic games of all time. Which one of these would you most like to revisit if given the license by SEGA?

YS: Space Harrier in VR would make for a very fun game.

5) Game development is becoming more and more of a chosen career path. Do you have any words of advice for aspiring game developers?

YS: Recently with great tools like Unity and the Unreal Engine people can make games for free. They can now easily turn their game ideas into actuality. Game creation has also finally become easier to understand with how-to guides. Anyone can readily experience what it’s like to make games. Please make the best use of this environment and challenge yourself to make games.

Shenmue Master asks:

7) Ryo and Shenhua’s destiny are deeply linked. Shenhua appears in Ryo’s dreams before they meet in Guilin, how is it possible ?

YS: It was to foreshadow their intertwined destiny and fate.

Executive Shenmue Ambassador asks:

9) Would you like to send any new special message to the Shenmue Community at this point?

YS: Thank you for supporting Shenmue over the past decade. It was thanks to you that we were able to break a record on Kickstarter. I am so grateful that the Shenmue 3 project became a reality. I will do my best to make an even better game. Thanks for your continued support.

Niao Sun Cover Art

Niao Sun cover art was also posted. This piece was done by Johnny Quan.

shenmue III niao sun cover art by johnny quan

Shenmue III is still in development for PS4 and PC. It’s currently scheduled for release in December 2017.