Shenmue III’s Crowdfunding Surpasses $6.5 Million header

Today, we see Shenmue III‘s crowdfunding reach a new milestone and stretch goal.

Shenmue III has now raised more than $6.5 million overall and unlocked the stretch goal for “Ragdoll Reaction” in the battle system.

Shenmue III broke records this past Summer when 69,320 backers raised $6,333,295 to help fund a game they’ve waited quite a bit of time for. Yu Suzuki and Ys Net were given their official notice and plaques from Guiness World Records just prior to Christmas.

yu suzuki shenmue III guiness records

Unfortunately, Negative Nancys in the “professional” press have soured some potential backers by claiming YsNet and company are greedy for asking for more money.

The fact is, many fans asked for an opportunity to help fund the project via payment methods that Kickstarter did not support. Others requested additional time, as they did not have the funds for the surprise campaign.

Additional funding after the original kickstarter campaign has trickled in fairly slowly, unfortunately. It’s unclear if the negative press is contributing to it or if the well of fans excited for Shenmue III has simply been exhausted. The “slacker backer” funding campaign was recently extended with no final cutoff data given.

The next stretch goal is at $7 Million for expanded AI in the battle system. Will we make it?

Suzuki has promised to work hard to deliver the game by the end of 2017 as originally promised. If it’s a feat he completes, he’ll be one of a handful of professional developers to deliver a game on time through crowdfunding.

You can check out Shenmue III‘s crowdfunding campaign here.

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