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A recently released album titled Shenmue. A Love Letter has turned out to be filled with stolen music.

In an article we published yesterday and have since removed, we wrote about the fan remix album released by Patrem in early February. It contained 66 tracks and over 3 hours of music. Unfortunately, much of the more impressive tracks have turned out to be stolen remixes from other fans.

After posting over on ShenmueDojo’s forums to let them know about the album, it all started to unravel once the replies rolled in.

shenmue. a love letter front cover

Poster Ziming started pointing out that some of the tracks were previously released arrangements and remixes from other fans.

LanDC responded to an inquiry about possibly given permission for his music’s use on the album in the post below.

Hell no I didn’t give him permission.

If I didn’t think trying to profit off Sega’s properties was the dumbest idea ever, I’d be selling these myself. I notice he’s doing the same thing for Kingdom Hearts. This guy needs to be put in his place.

Well put.

At least 3 fans have had their music stolen for this compilation, which Patrem has been charging for on itunes and Amazon. One of the original artists, ReubenKee, is deceased. His wonderful track that was stolen is below.

Shenmue Reflections for the piano

In light of all of this, I will be forwarding this news to some possibly interested parties myself. If anyone has purchased Shenmue. A Love Letter, I encourage you to contact the service you purchased it from and demand a refund.