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With the recent news concerning Duke Nukem 3D for the Genesis, we thought it’d be a great idea to feature one of our favorite reproduction studios: GameClub Serega.

What Is “Serega?”

No, it’s not a Korean knock-off with 50 built-in clones of “Sanic the Hedgeherg.”

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GameClub Serega publishes reproductions for regions where a specific game was not originally available. They provide good quality cases and manuals in addition to the games you either can’t play on your favorite system or can’t even dream of affording even if you get around the region lock-out.

In addition, you gain access to fan translated, playable copies of desired games on your actual hardware with your real Sega controller while you were your favorite Big the Cat slippers.

The finished product you end up getting from Serega is very satisfying when it ends up on your shelf at home.

Show Me The Goods, Man!

Here are some of Serega’s gorgeous Mega Drive releases for owners of a Japan-compatible system.

Serega has also published some games that the Asian market never saw.

Serega also publishes games for the Sega Genesis, for North American-compatible systems.

Interview With Tom

We got the chance to ask Tom of GameClub Serega a few questions below. Tom is the owner of the business.

How did you get started making reproductions?
When the very first reproductions popped up, they were mostly just European or US Versions. No one really bothered with making Japanese MD releases. I also felt disappointed they rarely included manuals or offered a “full package” that’s worth collecting.

I ended up making the reproductions I wanted myself.

Did you have difficulties getting started?
The very first releases took quite some time, especially designing the art & manual. Sometimes, it’s difficult to change and get rid of region lockout on some games, like Xenon 2, Donald Maui Mallard… Konami games have been stubborn in general.

How many labor hours do you typically put into a release from start to finish?
It varies a lot with each title, anywhere from 1 week to 1 month overall. Usually, we work on quite a number of titles at the same time. It tends to be easier and more fun then working on one single title for a week or longer.

What have been your most popular releases?
Mega Turrican, The Punisher, Tetris, Sunset Riders and Beneath the Clouds (Shui Hu: Feng Yun Zhuan) for the Mega Drive. Monster World 4, Pulseman, Twinkle Tale, Golden Axe 3 and Mega Man for Genesis.

shui hu feng yun zhuan screenshot

Are there any releases you’re most proud of?
My personal favorites are The Punisher MD and Tetris MD, as both where the reason to start making reproductions in the first place. We’ve been working on them from the very beginning, even though they where not “the first” releases.

Any future releases you’d like to hint at?
That’s a pretty long list. At some point, I’d really would like to have a complete Mega Drive Collection with every region-exclusive US or European game in my MD Collection. At the moment, we are working on some Superhero games, Death & Return of Superman, Batman & Robin; along with the 4th and 5th Double Dragon game.

What are some of your favorite Sega Mega Drive games?
The Shinobi Series, Bare Knuckle 2 and the many great shmups, like Twin Cobra, Twinkle Tale, Trouble Shooter Series and Thunder Force.

We’d like to thank Tom for his time answering our questions and encourage you to at least look over Serega’s catalog of games. We feel Tom’s work is inspiring and most of the covers he publishes are absolutely gorgeous.

A Second and Third Opinion

If you’d like to see some additional opinions on Serega’s releases, I found this blog post on Retro Megabit as well as this one on The Mean Machines.

By the way, we felt it would be really mean not to mention that there are no such thing as Big the Cat slippers. Currently…

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