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Segata Sanshiro Choujin Densetsu is a multimedia release for the Windows & Mac featuring Segata Sanshiro.

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Alternate Titles せがた三四郎 超人伝説
Genre Miscellneous
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Sega
Publisher(s) Sega
Release Dates October 2nd, 1998 (JP)
Release Prices ¥ 5,800 (JP)
Product IDs ? (JP)
Barcodes 4974365201487 (JP)
Rating N/A

Segata Sanshiro Choujin Densetsu Overview

Segata Sanshiro Choujin Densetsu is a multimedia Segata Sanshiro experience for a Windows or Macintosh computer from Sega. It contains a few minigames, the commercials, a character bio, some desktop applications (calculator, clock, etc), screensavers, wallpapers, a soundboard, mockup merchandise, and more.

Truly, you have to be a pretty hardcore Segata Sanshiro fan to track this one down! I would like to know if the software is still compatible with more current versions of Windows before doing so myself.

Hardware Requirements were as follows:

Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium 90MHz or more
Memory: 32MB or more
HDD: 20MB or more
Video: 800 × 600 resolution, 16-bit color display

OS: Mac OS 7.6 or higher
CPU: PowerPC 100MHz or more
Memory: 16MB or more
HDD: 20MB or more
Image Resolution: 800 × 600 dots, 16bit color display more

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Hardware requirements thanks to this 1998 article from Watchimpress.