SegaSonic Popcorn Shop has miraculously been dumped and soon you’ll be able to see it on MAME.

segasonic popcorn shop

SegaSonic Popcorn Shop (セガソニック ポップコーンショップ in Japanese) is a 1993 vending machine that dispenses popcorn. You can choose from three flavors of the corn stuff: salted, butter, and curry. The player would be encouraged to turn the green crank to help Tails assist Sonic, but the popcorn would dispense whether you actually did that or not. It appears there’s not much to this “game” after all!

An interesting thing that was discovered by ShouTime and the Dumping Union when dumping the game is that the game has an Export setting for USA or Japan, showing English text in the game itself but still using Japanese audio. Information on the machine is a little scarce, so it’s not known if it ever saw a limited release in North America.

A video of the USA version can be seen below.

here’s a video of the Japan version.

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