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We’ve made it another year, boys. Let’s pour one out for the departed!

Hit the jump for a mostly self congratulatory post about how things change but still feel the same.

It’s Really Been 18 Years?

This is a bad photoshop and joke. It is not a real game.
This is a bad photoshop and joke. It is not a real game.
At the age of 16, I never would have thought that the small Sega Saturn fansite I worked on in my freetime would still be around in some form decades later. Yet, here we are, fast approaching 20 years of (sometimes sporadic) service.

It’s a really weird feeling to know that deep in this site’s archives are bits and pieces of things I wrote before I started driving. Before I ever maintained a full-time job or had my own residence.

A Clinton was still in the White House and under major scrutiny, the Sega Saturn had yet to die down in Japan, and Frogger had just been released for the Sega Genesis a few months prior.

It was a much different time in my life and this little thing called the internet had really just begun to bloom.

Expanded Focus and Community Growth

The site grew as I put more time and effort into it. The focus of the site expanded from just the Saturn to include Sega’s previous platforms and the upcoming Dreamcast.

The original forums reach their first thousandth post!
The original forums reach their first thousandth post!

Eventually, a forum launched and like-minded Sega enthusiasts were drawn in. There weren’t a lot of communities for classic Sega gaming at the time, with much of the focus being on the newly arrived Dreamcast. It’s a damn shame those old forum threads can’t be reproduced now. They’re lost forever, aside from a few screenshots and what little collected.

Many design changes have been made through the years. We’ve gone through a few different forums before people moved onto social networks. benstylus and JoshF both took the reigns of the site while I stepped down from 2004 to 2009. They both brought their own special style to the site and helped keep the community together.

What Keeps Me Going After So Many Years

Eventually, the bug bit me again and I started writing for the site again, despite my almost always excessive workload. Creating for and maintaining this site has been a favorite hobby of mine over the years. Of course, without readers, I might have quit a long time ago. Knowing you guys are there helps keep me going even during times when there’s nothing left in the tank.

So here we are tonight, celebrating our annual dual birthday for SegaScream and the Sega Genesis. SegaScream received yet another design update just this past week and I’m toying with new ideas in the background. After nearly 2 decades, some things never change!


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