Today I bring you several new videos on a brand new page – and I’m calling it SegaFans VS. The name makes perfect sense because these videos are matches between members of our fine community.

As you may remember, some time ago I posted a replay video of a Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution match between Skeearmon and myself. It was well received, and so I decided to make more videos of a similar theme. Turbos and I faced off over the weekend in fierce matches on two of our favourite Saturn games and some of those matchups have now been posted and await your download.

You’ll see 3 matches in Baku Baku and 4 bouts of Twinkle Star Sprites as well as the classic VF4:Evo match from many weeks ago.

At any rate, it was nice having a weekend off as that doesn’t happen often in retail. It was even nicer being able to spend it playing video games instead of having to run a whole bunch of errands & things.

In other news, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I heard the Patriots won.

While it’s not 100% Sega related, Robert’s Anime Corner Store is having a huge sale on a lot of their merchandise – clearing out some stuff for good it seems. There are some right fantastic deals there, including the original version Serial Experiments Lain boxset for a mere $37.98 insteadl of $97.98. If you’re only into Sega-based anime, fear not. They have a Sakura Wars DVD on sale for $5.98 instead of $19.98. Bob is the best in the business when it comes to customer service, and everything on his site is legit stuff, no bootlegs to be found. So check it out, you might find something that interests you.