@SEGA_OFFICIAL celebrates it’s over 200k followers on Twitter with the release of a lot of goodies today.

If you head over to their page here, you’ll find them all.

200 Sega Twitter Icons

They’ve put up 200 different Twitter icons at this location. With so many spanning Sega’s entire history, there’s sure to be something you’ll like. We adopted the Skies of Arcade group avatar for the time being, ourselves.

5 Mobile Wallpapers

Over on the wallpaper page, you’ll find five new wallpapers in mobile-friendly sizes. Below are the Android versions, if you’re one of those weird Apple people, you’ll have to hit up the page for your version.

Note: The wallpaper for Monster Gear currently isn’t up on their server. We’ve mentioned it to them on Twitter and will update this article when they put it up.

12 New Sega Papercrafts

And finally, there’s a bunch of new papercrafts for you to print off and assemble. Download them all individually in PDF format below the images.

Sega Tanzaku 02

Sega Tanzaku 01

Crazy Taxi papercraft

Fashionable Witches papercraft

Mushi King of Beetle papercraft

Sega 1000 papercraft

SG-1000 papercraft

SG-1000 II papercraft

Sega Mark III papercraft

Mega Drive papercraft

Sega Saturn papercraft

Dreamcast papercraft

We were thinking of doing a Sega papercraft post on the site previous to this development. Are you guys interested in something like that?